State of the Kriel – News and More!

Ok so I wanted to talk about what has been going on lately with myself and explain the sporadic updates among other things.  Although I am pretty sure the sporadic updates only bother me and no one else.  I want to actually touch on a few different things so lets begin.  First up:  My update schedule, the lack of updates, and future plans.

I haven’t been updating regularly if you notice.  I kind of do things sporadically as the mood or time strikes me.  I have been wanting to change that but over the last few weeks I have been dealing with some issues at home that make this hard.  Recently my wife has been suffering some CRAZY powerful migraines, to the point that we had to go get a CAT Scan done (stupid ER and its stupid doctors).  She gets them from looking at the PC so I have been keeping her company, which means little time for going out.  My time at home is spent with her and then on 2 PC games: Torchlight and more recently (last night!) Borderlands. So that is taking some time away from everything else as well.

Now, my update plans and whatnot.  I want to start updating at LEAST once a week.  This update could be anything from tactics to fluff stories to battle reports to goofy things to use Whelps for!  I have to say thanks to Gdaybloke from Lost Hemisphere for the suggestions.  You may see more then once a week updates, who knows!

On my to my next topic!  The upcoming 750 Steamroller Tournament at my FLGS.  With the addition of Brun, Lug, Horthol, and the Elder, I now have a basic 750 force.  I am not going to retype my list (you can find it here) but suffice to say its not the best list.  This is further compounded by the fact that I agreed to keep my wife company and NOT play until the tournament.  So I am going to be playing with an untested, untried 750 list in a tournament.  Wish me luck.  I fully expect to get trounced.

Finally my last topic.  I have decided to give painting a real shot.  I know that a few people (Hi Barrett!) were asking me if I was going to paint or do commissions.  I want to give it a real shot.  So, I bring you the following request:


Thats right!  I want your help readers!  Here is what I want.  I want YOU, the reader, to suggest the following:

1.  A name for my Kriel.  Gday has his Ta-Ta Kriels, I want mine to have a name.  This name should be appropriately awesome.

2.  A scheme.  I would prefer a basic scheme, nothing fancy.  But something that pops.

3.  Finally, the paints I need to make the scheme work.  Just telling me “a blue and gold with purple skin” helps me very little when there are 9 types of blue!  And lets not forget metallics.

And when I say basic I mean something like a base coat and a wash.  Just table top ready.  I will eventually get fancy but I need a solid place to start.  So there you have it.  The state of my unnamed Kriel.  I hope you all can give me some help here, cause I sure as hell need it.

Oh and if you have Borderlands for the PC and want to game with me let me know!  I am up for giving its multiplayer a shot. 

Oh and to answer your question Barrett – No I have not put my new guys together.


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