Concert Time!

So last night a friend of mine named Ed invited me to a show up at a club here in Orlando.  I was not sure if I was going to go until he mentioned that the headliners were Tantric, a band I really enjoy. Sure I would have to put up with a few no name bands, local and the like, but I could deal with that. So I grabbed Dan (our friendly Circle newbie) and we went to go to a rock show.

And I am glad I did.

So lets go over all the bands that were up there. First, we had a band called Hydrosonic. I would rate them a 6/10, above average but not by much. They were definitely having a good time playing that’s for sure, but they were almost not memorable. The bassist was a trip though. I had a chance after their set to chat with him and boy was he friendly. Very animated on stage too. I would give them a shot if you like slighty emo/scremo stuff. Not my usual cup of tea though.

Next on stage was a band called Afterglow Radio. I would have to rate these folks a 4/10. They were generic. They only good thing I liked was the fact that they had a unified “look” and that the guitarist was really having a good time. He was yet again another super animated person and was also very friendly. His name is Tom!

3rd on the docket was a group from Miami Florida called Atom Smash. These guys get a solid 8/10. The two bands prior to these folks were Emo styled bands. Not my thing. These gents however were freakin ROCK. I really god a kick out of them and they seemed like they knew exactly what they were doing. The guitarist was amazing, the bassist was having fun, and the singer was oozing sex drugs and rock and roll. I would have to say that out of the bands that did not involve Tantric these folks were my favorites. I am definitely going to grab some of their stuff.

Fourth and final before Tantric were these nutjobs named Soulstash. I am sorry but these guys get a 2/10. They were BAD. Their vocalist was either constantly being drowned out by everyone else so you couldn’t hear him or he was screaming and his voice was cracking and YOU STILL couldn’t understand a word coming out of his freakin mouth. Furthermore they had a very discordant sound to them and kept jumping between styles, making it hard to follow their general purpose. I could barely tell when one song ended and another began. Except when the singer was trying to hit on the ladies. He did that ALOT. Seriously dude, stop that.

Then of course we had Tantric. They made me very happy. They played both new and old stuff (and I dig the new stuff) and generally had a ball. The singer also bought everyone a shot. I have never had a shot in my life, and it was damn interesting. I figured I might as well get into the spirit. Dan had one too (he had his first)

The last band was my friend Ed’s band, but sadly I was not able to stay that late to see them. They are The Vanity Plan, and they are featured in Madden 10! Give em a look, I happen to like Before I Die personally.


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