Content Question

So I am sitting here at work (I should be working but where is the fun in that!) and was trying to think up fun content things I can do for the blog here.  I was hoping I could get some suggestions here from you all, my readers!  I am wondering what you would like to see more of? 

What kind of things are you most interested in? I am currently in the process of writing up a tactics write up about our favorite Fat Bottomed Girl herself, but beyond that I am not sure what you all are interested in!  So please help me out IABN.  I need it.


6 thoughts on “Content Question

  1. In a few weeks I think a series of articles on your experiences with the Hordes MkII beta test would be interesting reads.

    Other than that a regular combo article might be something to try – an abridged battle report and any key tactics implemented/lessons learned from that game.


  2. Kevin

    I’m just starting out to WM/H, and I’d like to see a good breakdown of beginner tactics. The mkii rules are right around the corner, so everyone feels like they’re sort of on the same page as me.


    1. I’d quite like you to talk about the Trollblood stuff from Metamorphosis as a whole, to be honest, perhaps looking at the former limitations to the Trollblood playing style (the urge to huddle everything under the Krielstone aura, the ubiquity of the Champions, the dearth of decent threat ranges) and if/how those have been addressed by the newer releases.

      A Calandra writeup would be a good start.


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