Getting into Wargaming: Malifaux

So, since my last post Getting into Wargaming I have been pondering another miniatures game, called Malifaux. This is a skirmish level game made by Wyrd games and the motif or fit of the game is Steampunk/Weird West/Victoriana Horror. Its quite trippy looking. You have 4 main Factions which are the Arcanists, the Guild, the Neverborn, and the Ressurectionists. Then there is the merc group the Outcasts. Each group has its own flavor, and I have been considering getting into it. It helps that we have a guy at my FLGS who was involved with the development so he has been pushing it at the store.

My issues of course come from deciding what to do in regards to getting started. So lets use my 4 step process that I talked about in my last post!

1.  Research – I have been doing a lot of research since I heard about the game.  I have been looking at the minis, talking to people who play, and getting a general idea about the game.  I want to play a Demo game however to test the waters and see how I feel about the main mechanic, which is using a deck of cards instead of dice.  The price point is reasonable as well for the starter boxes, but there are roughly 14 boxes (3 for each main faction and 2 for the mercs) so your choices are VARIED.  I am having issues deciding and I want to be sure.  I need more research.

2.  Prepare – Already done when I got into Warmahordes.  Most of my stuff will serve me well here.  I may need more glue though.

3.  Community Check – My store has a fair amount of players already, and the game seems to be set at the box level for most of the time (the boxes are 25 Soul Stones, which is your points) and the average game is 25-35 apparently.  Seems like a good bet.

4.  Level of Play – I have no idea honestly.  I once again am a more casual player.

So using the above “checks” you can see that on every front but Research I am feeling pretty comfortable.  I am hoping that some of you dear readers have tried or have bought into this game and could give me some more information.  Regardless, as you can see my 4 step checklist processes is a solid way to get into a wargame!


11 thoughts on “Getting into Wargaming: Malifaux

  1. I think you’d enjoy the game. As with the first edition of most games, there is quite a bit of errata. It is however mostly to clarify the grammar and less about major rules changes. The card mechanic adds a new level of strategy to a miniatures game with less emphasis on lucky rolls and more on managing your hand and soulstones.

    If you have a Henchman in your area I’d recommend getting a demo to see how you feel about the game. With a box set, the rulebook and a deck of cards you have everything you need to play a 25SS game.

    You can read some battle reports here:


    1. Actually one of the gents who was a primary writer of the rules lives down in my neck of the woods. I have met him a few times. Dunno his name though.

      So I am sure I could come up with something though.


  2. What I’ve heard from Malifaux is that it’s not actively bad so much as very obviously a system written by sculptors who just sort of wanted to develop a game. What I’ve been told is that it’s fun but that it’s already being errata’d rather heavy-handedly, that Wyrd are pushing it towards the tournament crowd (whether or not it’s really a ‘tournament game’ is up for debate) and that they’re planning two major expansions within the next year (concerns about time spent on the concepts, never mind actually playtesting, spring rapidly to mind).

    That said, Wyrd miniatures are lovely and I’m very, very tempted to pick up a box or three even if they’re never used for actually playing Malifaux. I’m thinking about putting together a stash of vaguely steampunky frontiery figures for Savage Worlds and the Wyrd ones would fit in nicely there.


  3. Barrett Young

    Things have changed. I play four now :D. Picked up a Legion and Circle battlebox in a Cygnar lot on BTown. I won’t likely build on Circle just yet, but I like me some dragons.

    I guess I should say “I own four factions”. I’ve only ever played Cygnar.


    1. Hey I can buy a starter for Malifaux for $30 and be good to go for most sized games :P I won’t even NEED to get other minis unless I really want to.

      Its the only reason I am even considering it ya mook.


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