Getting ready for a Steamroller

Tournament that is.  This Friday, the 14th, will be my first ever tournament, and its a Steamroller 4 Tourney.  750 Points.  You might remember me talking about it before when I was discussing my list options.  Well with 2 days to go I am locked into my 750 choice, which will be the same list just with either Grim or Calandra at the head.   I am expecting about 16 people to be up there to play, which according to the Steamroller 4 Rules will be 4 matches, with a turn limit of 12 minutes, and a game length of about 2 hours max. I have never played in anything like this. In fact the only tournaments I have ever played in before were Magic the Gathering Prerelease tournaments, which I sucked in to be honest.

So I am sitting here going…I got a lot of questions!  Gday of Lost Hemisphere is of no help for once, as he has not done a Steamroller before either! So I turn to you, the wonderful readers, to answer my questions!

1.  How long should I expect this to go on for?  I know its starting at 10am, and I kinda need to know for diet reasons (being Diabetic SUCKS)

2.  What kind of lists should I be on the lookout for that could give me major trouble (given my Trolls you know). 

3.  I have never performed under a time constraint.  Any tips on how to deal with it?

Any help given would be much appreciated.  I am actually very nervous now about this tournament, and expect to face some stiff competition that is to be honest probably much better players then me.  We shall see!


8 thoughts on “Getting ready for a Steamroller

  1. I think that one thing that might be frustrating as a new play and with a slow army is the possibility of getting shut down early on scenario and losing that way. Familiarity with scenarios is really key in Steamroller, but that only comes with practice. But you’ll need to watch out for armies that are faster, especially those with loads of AD, which will try and pin you in your deployment zone while they claim victory.

    Bottom line is to not lose site of scenario when you’re slaughtering your opponent. Keep an eye on the goal :)


    1. I fully intended to. I have actually beaten stronger armies via Scenario because they were after my caster. I am going to go for a scenario win first unless Horthol gets a clean shot at the caster and can harry him, diverting his attention.

      Thanks for the tips.


  2. Penguin

    I’ve taken part in a few tourneys and honestly they are no different from the usual afairs. Just chill and enjoy the day, it’s just playing Warmachine any how.


  3. … what Norbert said.

    Knowing your army well will also help you to keep to time. Know their MAT, POW, DEF and ARM. If you think you’re going to be tight for time on a turn (say a feat turn), try to do the important stuff first. Remember – moving units is usually pretty quick if they aren’t charging. Again, knowing their SPD off will, well, speed things up! The only thing to watch with a Hordes faction is that in your haste you forget to move your warlock to support boosting etc.

    Keep an eye on your own army composition too. If you think you’ll be short on time (you shouldn’t be as 12mins is plenty long), then cutting out complicated units/solos can help speed things up. I’d only do that as a last resort as you’d like to be competitive.

    Best of luck in the tournament.



    1. I know most of the stats for my guys. The POW escapes me. I don’t really have anything overly complicated I believe. You can find the list I am going to run back somewhere a few weeks ago.

      I am gonna have to mark my impalers as 1 and 2 though hehe. I always get confused as to which is which.


  4. 45caliberidea

    Provided your TO keeps things moving along smartly, you should be done by 7 pm with a lunch break along the way.

    For timed turns I can give you 2 pieces of advice. First, use your opponent’s turn to think through your options. You should never be “turned off” during the game. Actively work at the strategy whenever you are not executing something.

    Second, focus on getting the main things you MUST get done during your turn. Then if you have time left over, get all the little things done.

    But really the best way to get good at timed turns is to practice them. Do at least 1 game before your tournament so you can feel what 12 minutes is like. Good luck!

    NJ SOBs


    1. Thanks Norbert. Sadly I don’t have time for a full practice game, but I could do a dry run maybe using my dinner table tonight. I could lay out my deployment and time myself to see where 12 minutes gets me.

      Its gonna be interesting diving in like this.


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