Aftermath: The Tournament

So lets talk about the tournament.  My first ever Steamroller event, and it was a blast.  Plain and simple I had a blast.  We ended up having 16 people show, and did a 4 round tournament.  I did not place of course, but I did meet my goal of Win 1 Game.  I actually didn’t do as bad as I thought I would, and up until Round 3 I was in the running for like 2nd/3rd place somehow.  Don’t ask me I have no idea how I did it.  Sadly I was so busy trying to keep track of what I was doing in those 12 minutes turns (Which I never ran out of time!  HUZZAH!) that I didn’t take pictures.  Although a friend of mine did and hopefully he will get them to me so I can show you guys some of the shots from the battles.  For now,  I am just gonna go over each round, how I did, and what I faced.  Believe me those things stick out in my mind.

Round 1 – Calandra vs Adeptus Rahn (Retribution)

My first round was against Justin, aka Small Dog.  He is the gent who on my last post promised me some blast templates, and he did in fact deliver these.  We chatted prior to the first round, and we both wanted to face the other.  Hilariously, when the rounds were announced we were the first pair, at table 1.  Scenario turne out to be No Mans Land, which was that strip of land.  I barely held on to the win starting turn 3 thanks to Lug being in the land area contesting it.  I then advanced and basically picked his army apart.  I tore everything that he had between me and Rahn and then at turn 5ish I had the bear walk up and maul the Adeptus.  A win for me!

Round 2:  Calandra vs eVlad (Khador)

Round 2 was against Eric Wood.  aka Khador Eric.  A very friendly gentleman, he used a Khador list with ZERO Jacks.  He had eVlad, and about 30 Calv models.  I stared at that line and was terrified.  He used the comment “I am bringin a Khador list with 300 wounds” and after seeing his Calv I believed him.  The scenario this round was Capture the Flag.  It may have well been Caster Kill cause me and Eric could not kill each other.  Between Star Crossed and his luck with dice rolls he could not hit me most of the time.  At one point his Doom Reaver Calv (the solo) got into a scrape with Brun, got 3 Weapon Master attacks on a charge and did NOT kill the dwarf, in fact barely did any damage.  Fenris, that was the dudes name.  We ended up drawing, and I later found out he is considered one of the top players in the area.  He had won his first match and I believe won his 3rd.  I was his only draw.  Woot!  Go Trolls!

Round 3:  Calandra vs Kreoss (DROP AND POP GO GO!)

Oh John Galvin, how I will have my vengence.  Round three was against John Galvin, the gent who has yet to beat me with his Menoth.  He has been wanting rematch after rematch as I have beaten his Reznik lists twice with Grim.  This time he had his vengence, and soon I shall have mine.  The scenario was Control Points, but by Round 3 he had destroyed me with the Drop and Pop.  He simply got Calandra in his control area, feated, and nailed me with 5 rockets.  Failed tough roll and that was game.  First loss of the night, but to be honest I was fine with that.  He deserved his win, even if it was with CHEESE.  Hehe.

Round 4:  Calandra vs eMorgoul (Skorne)

Oh how I hate Skorne. This match was vs another Jacksonville gent, Dennis, who was a very nice guy.  His army was flat our brutal, and the scenario was Destruction, where we each had to destroy the others structures.  He quickly got to me, tricked me into setting my forces in the center as if to meet his, and then toyed with me.  He really wanted the scenario win, so after picking my slow army apart he just focus on the trees .  I did kill his Paingivers and a Ferox though, so that made me happy.  I knew he wasn’t gonna kill Calandra, so at one point I charge her at Molik Karn and actually did some damage.  It was hilarious.  The dice were not with me either.

Overall 1 win, 1 draw, and 2 losses.  For my first tournament I consider that an excellent showing.  I learned alot about Calandra works and how to best use her (I still only used Star Cross though, stupid brick.)  Hopefully I will get to play in another tournament down the road with Mk2 and hopefully do alot better!  I think I have a chance.


6 thoughts on “Aftermath: The Tournament

  1. Penguin

    It surprizes me your opponent didn’t want to go for ‘caster kill. E Morghoul has zero support spells for his army, he’s killing the ‘caster or he’s a waste of points, so WTF?

    Glad you had a good time, Warmachine is well suited to tournament and if you have a good comunnity then all should go well. The only issues you will ever get are bad opponents, but you didn’t mention any of them so, I’m sure you had a good time.

    Congrats on the wins and holding off against the Vlad list. The Kreoss loss was kind of expected though, When the scenarios are forcing you to move forward it’s very difficult for Kreoss’s feat not to wreck you. I’ve still not figured out how you deal with pop and drop because it’s so damn effective.


    1. Normally Dennis (the skorne player) would have went straight for the caster kill, but it would not have provided enough tournament points to place. He ended up tied for third. So that’s the main reason for avoiding the caster kill.


    2. He had shredded my army to the point where I couldnt really fight back, and I couldnt get to eMorghoul. We pretty much just laughed and messed around. It was the last round and I didn’t have a chance after I made those errors at the start, so I just tried to kill as much of his stuff as I could.


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