Tactics: Calandra, Oracle of the Glimmerwood

So I have played a couple of games with the Fat Bottomed Girl that is Calandra including tournament play, and while I have lost all but one game I have learned several things about the girl. I wanted to talk about her a little more in depth and discuss what I feel are her strengths and weaknesses.

Firstly, her purpose. She is primarily designed to be a support caster. With a FURY of 7 and low ARM and DEF she really needs to be supported with troops and a few beasts. Thankfully, her spell list is nice and varied and allows her to run beast heavy OR troop heavy or anything in between.

Her stat line is pretty average for one of our Trollblood Warlocks. Her SPD, MAT, and STR are all in line with our other support casters (Hourluck!), while her DEF is about average, and her ARM is a bit low. In fact, the times I lost was by caster kill (save for 1 scenario loss) due to her frailty. Getting her on the front line or even getting her near something that can be slammed INTO her is a bad idea. A line of champs or kriel warriors in front of her with maybe a KSB surrounding her is a good idea. Her HP is also a bit on the low side. Her best feature is her FURY of 7 to be honest.

With her huge control area (14 inches woot!) your beasts are going to get a little bit more leeway on where they can be as well, and her spells that effect CTRL will have a solid range. Now lets discuss her weapons, special abilities, and spells.


Salt: The only reason she should use this is if there is no other alternative. Of course, if you do kill someone with this you can laugh, and then watch as all your units reroll their misses for that turn. If
she has to make a melee attack, activate her first so on the off chance you DO kill the target you get the rerolls. You also get an extra die of damage against already wounded targets. Have her charge a wounded target and get 4d6 + 10! Its like a charging Fell Caller.


Precognitive Awareness: +2 Def vs Magic/Ranged and if she is missed she can move before deviation? This is freakin awesome. Just be careful: You could still be deviated on. But then its half POW and she has her ARM of 14.

Fate Bound: I love this power. I tend to hang on to fury for transfers and this. When you miss with an attack and you REALLY need it to hit, or if you roll super low on damage, you can spend 1 fury point to reroll it. You of course have to take the second roll. In order for Calandra to do this for someone they have to be in her control area so keep that in mind.

Prognostication: +1 to your roll to see who goes first / deploys first. Handy as you will NEVER have a tie roll. Ever. Unless you face someone who can do the same thing hehe

Tough: She is a troll. She is tough. She is also effected by her own feat because of this.


Star Crossed: This is her signature spell and should pretty much be cast every turn once you have engaged the enemy. Why? Its basically a slightly weaker reverse Signs and Portents. What do I mean? Well, all attack rolls made by enemy models in her CTRL area roll an extra die, and then they drop the HIGHEST die rolled. This makes it MUCH harder to hit just about any of our units/beasts, which is good considering how low Trollblood DEF tends to be. This is also EVERY attack. Magic,
Ranged, Melee. It doesn’t matter. Also, the wording on this spell is that it effects the Enemies, so even your Non Trollblood units in her CTRL area get the bonus.

Soothing Song: A good reason to run her with a few more beasts then normal. For 1 fury you can remove a single fury from each beast in her control area. You don’t HAVE to remove fury though. This can help you keep your beasts from frenzying and allows them to run hotter then you normally might.

Befuddle: Oh Befuddle how I want to use you. You cast this on a unit or model, and then can move that unit or model up to 3 inches. You can then upkeep this spell and force a command check, and if the unit/model fails, it is again moved. My only issues is the 8 inch range and the cost of 3.

Lucky Day: Give a model the +2 Def vs Ranged and Magic. Note this is a SINGLE MODEL. So no giving a whole group of Champions this.

Misfortune: Standard offensive spell. Decent range and POW and not too expensive. But really, you should save the fury for other things.


Her feat is amazing for troops. In fact, this feat ONLY effects our troops, as our beasts get Regeneration and not Tough. Making tough rolls on a 3+ is insane and lets not forget immunity to knockdown. Of course, my luck has shown that I can still fail them >.> Rolling a 1 on a tough roll on Calandra’s feat turn makes me cry on the inside.

As you can see, even her special abilities/spell list support the Back Line Caster archtype that she really does excel in, along with a Brick style of play. You are gonna want to bring a mixed Beast / Troop army with her as she has spells that support both. The worst thing I have found thus far when using her is I always feel like I am missing something.

Dream List and Tactics:

If I had my way, my preferred 750 point Calandra list would be something like this:

Faction: Trollblood
Points: 748
Model Count: 22
Victory Points: 26

Calandra Truthsayer, Oracle of the Glimmerwood
Troll Impaler
Dire Troll Mauler
Mulg The Ancient
Fell Caller
Horthol, Long Rider Champion
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes [4] (0 added)
> Stone Scribe Elder [1]
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2]
Trollkin Champions [5]
Trollkin Long Riders [3] (0 added)

You are probably wondering why? Well the Impaler is a beast I feel should be in every Trollblood list, the Mauler provides Buffs and a solid bodyguard, and Mulg is a straight beatstick. I can run those 2 heavies hot with applications of Soothing Song as needed. The Champs and Fell Caller are also pretty much auto includes for me, as they have always served me well. And yes, I do use the Fell Caller as a melee monster when the need arises.

The KSB and Elder allow me to provide buffs to my brick as well as a fury battery. The +2 STR Aura on the Champs turns them from dangerous to downright frightening. Especially if you buff the last one in the attack chain with Rage. Mmmm P+S 21 twice. The Gobbers are used to help defend the Champs or block charge lanes, and finally Horthol and the Long Riders are my flanking force.

To give you some specific tactics with this list:

1. Take the Impaler. Have Calandra cast both Far Strike and Rage on him. Then have the KSB Pop the +2 STR aura. You now have an impaler who can throw 12 inches and have a P+S 18 Spear. Don’t forget you can reroll the attack roll if you miss, and possibly crit!
2. Similar: Have the Mauler cast Rage on Mulg, have Mulg in the +2 STR Aura. His club is now P+S 23 and his open fist is P+S 21. Time to smear some things into a fine past. Once again, Fate Bound as needed.

Otherwise, just advance slowly and let the enemy come to you if you can. Use the Long Riders to harry your enemy and divert their attention. The Long Riders and Horthol are the Trolls fastest units, and use em as such. Just be careful, they are not the toughest things in the world.


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