Kommander Strakhov

Check this bad boy out. I am still considering whether I want to dive into Malifaux or to go for Khador as my second mini group / game. This, coupled with the new jack they released (DECIMATOR!) makes me lean further and further towards the Motherland. I mean, check out Kommander Strakhov!

Kommander Strakhov

He just looks awesome. I like the pose first of all, and I really enjoy the gun. Also I dig his description. “Strakhov takes pride in the fact that he has never refused a mission, no matter how dangerous.” That makes him seem like he has balls man. Freakin huge ones. I could just imagine using him combined with Butcher and being really amused at the havoc I could create. They mention that he prides himself on his “physical superiority”, which sounds like a melee monster to me.

Sadly he won’t be out till March. Blarg!


6 thoughts on “Kommander Strakhov

  1. Penguin

    Everyone plays Khador, that’s totally not the cool faction to play. But if you must every time the next jack kills something you must say “DECIMATION!” in the Quake 3 announcer voice.

    I think a lot of us are interested in Malifaux but everyones a bit scared to jump. No one wants to invest in a game only to find out no one plays it.

    I noticed my blog is over there on the right. Cool beans! Thanks for the link man.


    1. Which blog is yours? I link to the ones I like :) Also Khador was the first faction that interested me back when I was doing my initial research. As for Malifaux I may take the leap I dunno yet.


  2. Barrett Young

    Go Motherland… Khador has always been my #2 choice in WM.

    On another note, I’m looking to throw my dwarves up on BTown. You still interested in starting Searforge? I’ll sell the Battlebox to you. I was hoping for a trade for Legion beasts, but I remembered you wanted to start dwarves. Let me know if you’re interested. PM me on BTown.

    As a completist who has no time to play, I decided one faction each of Wm and H would be enough.


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