The Painting Pledge: 1 Hour a Night

Ok, I have made the decision, or choice, or whatever you want to call it, to paint my own minis. I have thought long and hard about this, and it occured to me that I will never actually get good at painting if I don’t in fact paint. So, after reading something on a blog (Warped Tendencies) that had a novel idea.

1 hour a night painting. I don’t have a lot of time to paint of course. I have the following to paint:

Grim Angus
Dire Troll Mauler
2 Impalers
Brun and Lug
Fell Caller
Full KSB
Stone Scribe Elder
Swamp Gobbers
Stone Scribe Chronicler

So not a whole lot. The KSB is completely primed, and the skin on a few of them have been painted blue already, and the stone is painted partially. So they will be first up. I hope to take pictures of them as I go, and give you all updates.

Now I won’t be starting till Saturday, as Friday night I will be purchasing paints. I have a few colors from my Warhammer days which are still good. I have 2 purples, a blue, yellow, red, and I think a leather. I am gonna make a list, and go from there. I was thinking of using the following scheme:

Skin – Blue
Armor – Chainmail
Leather – Some leather color? Snakebite I think
Weapons – Chainmail
Tartan – Purple or Yellow or maybe some crazy design! I was thinking yellow base with a Purple line and crosses, kinda like plaid but not quite. Or purple with yellow lines. Suggestions?

I am gonna go with a really basic setup of Prime, then Basecoat in Color, and then a wash. I have heard that using a Badab Black Wash would work out well, but I am not sure if I should use alot. Maybe water it down? Gday of Lost Hemisphere has been helping me out but, as he said “I should man up and just paint”. The man has a point.


11 thoughts on “The Painting Pledge: 1 Hour a Night

  1. If you’re trying to speed up your painting and you don’t want to go mad with tons of stages, I would suggest picking up the whole set of Citadel washes (especially since your colourscheme incorporates purple).

    The knack to Trollblood skin is to intermix a little mid-grey for the outer surfaces and a little more mid grey and flesh tones on the bellies, insides of the hands and so on (like alligators, trolls are slightly lighter underneath). A wash of Asurmen Blue and Ogryn Flesh over the whole lot will shade both nicely (although I’m not sure about the exact mix – I was still experimenting with my Trollbloods right up to the end).

    Devlan Mud works over everything – I’ve been known to slather it over whole miniatures if I want them to have a grimy, field-of-battle look (although it does darken the whole colourscheme, and if you’re after something bright it’s better to strategically splash feet, undersides, trailing cloth and so on) – and it or Gryphonne Sepia work very well for shading leathers.

    Purple and yellow tartans would be a bit gaudy for traditional Trollkin, but you could probably mute it down with a Devlan Mud/Leviathan Purple wash.

    For speed’s sake you can get by without watering the Citadel washes, but they do have a tendency to overwhelm things if you do that. It’s up to you; at this scale they work fine with a single wash, and they were designed as part of a three-stage process (basecoat with Citadel Foundations, wash with Citadel Ink, highlight with Citadel Colours) that does produce pretty decent battlefield-ready colourschemes. The Foundations can be a bit thick and detail clogging and do need hella watering down – also, there are no metallics in that range, so you’ll need a different method for painting armour and weapons (unless you want to try non-metallic metals, not advisable with an hour a night to work). I’m not as big a fan of those as I used to be. The Inks, though, are great for tabletop quality painting as they are, and water down nicely for more ambitious stuff. Heartily recommended.


    1. I am not really trying to “speed up” per say but rather just commit to painting. So far, if you see my newest post, you will find my plans and how to achieve them.

      Thanks for the advice though Von. I do appreciate it! Anything to help me out is good :D


  2. Barrett Young

    Put a BB in your paint pots, and add a drop of water when you aren’t going to be using them for a while. It’ll keep them from drying out, and can rejuvenate some of your older pots. I had one that was nearly cake, added two BBs and a little water, and it’s good as new.

    Good luck with the painting. I’ve got a month off from school coming up, so I’m hoping to paint a large portion of my force too.


  3. Brasidas

    I second both the advice on taking notes of what colors you use and about watering down the wash.

    I keep notes on index cards for each mini (or unit) that I paint.

    For the Badab Black, the only thing I’ve personally used that wash on has been 1/285 Soviet armour, and I’ve found a 1:4 mix with water sufficient. You’ll be using yours for a different purpose, but it may be worth noting that two light washes are better than one over-heavy wash. :)


  4. Using Badab Black straight on lighter colours would make the shading very dark. I’ve used a 1:1 mix of Badab and Devlan Mud to good effect. If you pick up those and the Asurmen Blue you should be good. A small bit of Badab added to the blue should wash the flesh nicely. The Badab/Devlan mix will look great on the metals and Devlan will do a great job over Snakebite. The blue wash will also do for the Tartan if you do the wash before the yellow.

    Anyway – best of luck with the painting. I finding keeping two lists help to organise my painting – a priority list of what I want to paint and a cheat sheet of the colours and mixes I use on different miniatures. That way I know what I want to paint and I have a record of what I have painted.



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