KSB Progress, Day 1

So here it is. The progress I made after my first 1 hour of painting. My fingers kind of hurt but I feel accomplished. I did most base colors right now, although the 2 darker skinned trolls are that way because they actually got a base coat rather then just a straight “Magic Blue” coat >.> Live and learn.

Here are some shots. The Fell Caller and Stone Scribe Elder just got primed tonight.

KSB Fell Caller Day 1

KSB Fell Caller Day 1b

Kriel Stone Day 1

What do you all think for 1 hour of progress?  Oh, and 10 minutes of that was fixing one of the Scribes arms.  It snapped and I had to file and glue it back together.  Also had to reglue the Stone to its base.


2 thoughts on “KSB Progress, Day 1

    1. Well tomorrow I intend to get the Fell Caller and Elder caught up as it where to these guys, and then start on the second layer, which is stuff like the chainmail, snakebite leather, ect.

      Then possibly Monday will be the wash. I think after I get these guys done I will do my beasts (Mauler, Impalers, Axer)

      Then I will move on to the Champs.


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