KSB, SSE and Fell Caller Work in Progress (Before)

So, today is when I will begin my 1 hour a day painting pledge. I got all my colors last night (Although I couldn’t find Necron Blue and went with Regal Blue, everyone thinks it will work out similar) and I decided to take a picture of what is on my “painting table” (can’t believe I am actually saying that) as a before, and then when I am done and while I am working I will do in progress pictures, so those of you who are interested can actually see what I am doing! I have decided I will do the Kriel Stone Unit (a full unit of 6), my Stone Scribe Elder, and my Fell Caller first. That should keep me busy for quite a while I think!

Here they are currently. And yes, my KSB has been worked on previously while I was testing things out. I do like the Stone, and if any of you want I can take a better picture of just it so you can see it.

KSB and Fell Caller Before

So there ya go. I think I did alot better on the picture as I figured out how to use the Macro setting on my camera. Once again, I gotta thank Gdaybloke of Lost Hemisphere. That man helps me way too much hehe.


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