Kriel Stone Unit Complete!

Yes, thats right, I actually did it.  I completely painted my first unit, the Kriel Stone Bearers.  I am not sure how good they are to be honest, but they are my first.  I mean, its table top quality, if you look close they are obviously nothing special.  I have not even bothered to paint their eyes or teeth hehe.  But I did get both layers of color and a wash on them. Lets get started showing them off. My first completed unit.

KSB Group Shot 1

KSB Group Shot 2

KSB Group Shot 3

Scribe Front View

Scribe Back View

So there you all have it. Next up: Fell Caller and Stone Scribe Elder. Followed by the Beasts!


4 thoughts on “Kriel Stone Unit Complete!

    1. I was thinking about doing really basic basing, ie some watered down PVC Glue and Green Flock, but your method seems pretty simple too.

      I figured I would do the eyes and teeth last if I bother. No one will notice those unless they pic up the minis and look. I will be doing the teeth on my beasts though, cause thats very obvious.


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