Hordes MK2 Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day. The day I have been waiting for since it was announced. Hordes Mk2! Yes you filthy Warmachine players already got your Mk2 but now its OUR TURN! Sevwall of the Forums has done some really cool booklets for the Mk2 Field Test, and if the offical forums were not down I would link to em. Silly forums.

So what are you looking forward to? I want to see a MAT increase for my Beasts, and a RAT increase for the Impaler instead of the MAT. I am curious as to what they are going to do to my KSB and my Champs and whatnot. I would like to see my KSB Aura not be a Star action so I can run them with the Aura (I am dreaming almost guarenteed!) My Champs are fine although if they lose Concert I will be sad, unless its replaced by something else thats hot.

I am really curious as to what will happen with Brun and Lug. Those two are already crazy destructive, but will they be brought down? Who knows! All I know is that I will be making lists, comparing units, and all sorts of things. I also hope the Runeshapers get a bit of a boost. I was intending to get them just because they LOOK badass, but I would love it if they became more effective.

Also if you have not gotten a look at Dannon Blythe and Bull, you need to. I love those two and will totally add them to my Trolls.


2 thoughts on “Hordes MK2 Tomorrow!

  1. Barrett

    The time is almost here! I’m looking forward to being a Legion player w/o whining. One of the benefits of not knowing how amazing they were in MKI.

    I love Dannon and Bull, too. I’m planning on picking them up for my Cygnar. Hope they look as great as they sound.


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