New Banner, and Being Sick

Quick update! A big thank you once again to Gdaybloke of Lost Hemisphere for making me this badass banner for the site. Snazzy no? He did get the art from Florian Stitz, whose Deviant Art page is found here and I found out he does alot of the artwork I have seen in No Quarter magazine. Its pretty sweet.

In other news I am fucking sick with either a head cold or a URI (Upper Respitory Infection). I am leaning towards the latter because of the feeling of stuffiness in my ears. Bleh. I have not been able to paint thanks to this feeling nor have I even wanted to play any games. I basically have been browsing the new improved Privateer Press Forums and chatting with friends. God I hope tomorrow I feel better. On the plus side I did paint for 1 hour 45 minutes last night so I feel vindicated in my lazyness tonight.


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