What to Paint Next?

So Mk2 is out, and I am wanting to get back to painting now that I am feeling better then I was monday or tuesday, although not by much. I actually have 2 35 point lists created now that I intend to test out this coming Saturday at my FLGS hopefully against a few different people. In fact, here they are:

Calandra (+5 Warbeast Points)
Impaler (5, -5 for Warbeast Points) 0
Axer (6)
Mauler (9) – 15
Champions Max (10) – 25
KSB Max (4) – 29
SSE (1) – 30
Fell Caller (3) – 33
Swamp Gobbers (1) – 34 total points

or I can use:

pMadrak (+6 Warbeast Points)
Impaler (5, -5 Warbeast Points) 0
Axer (6, -1 Warbeast Point) 5
Mauler (9) – 14
Champions Max (10) – 24
KSB Max (4) – 28
SSE (1) – 29
Fell Caller (3) – 32
Chronicler (2) – 34
Gobbers (1) – 35 total points

In either list I won’t be painting the Gobbers as I do not have the colors available. However, I can paint the rest. In both cases I need to paint the Impaler, Axer, Mauler, Champs, SSE, and Fell Caller.

If I run pMadrak, I need to paint Madrak of course and the Chronicler, and I am not sure how to do to make Madrak albinoish with my color scheme. Calandra list would just need Calandra.

Now I want to get at LEAST the base colors on everyone, ie the first layer, and then I can worry about the Highlights later, and the wash. I figured I would start tonight with the Champs and see how much I can get done on them. Given that I recently finished Dragon Age Origins (1st playthrough, I am gonna play it again lol) I do have a bit more time on my hands. Then again I can only paint thus far for about 2 hours tops. Then my hands and back start to hurt >.>

Suggestions folks? I am trying to get a chunk of this done by Saturday so I can show up with mini’s that are not just black :P Yes I did prime everything already so that part at least is done.


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