I Find my Lack of Updates…Disturbing

But given some things going on at home (sick pet, thanksgiving) I think I can be forgiven a lack of updates. I have decided to run the Calandra 35 point list this Saturday, assuming all goes well. I have not been painting due to the sick pet and myself being sick and Thanksgiving. My week has not been fun let me tell you. I get to take the little guy to the vet (I own 3 Guinea Pigs) tomorrow morning to see if we can figure out why he is not eating his veggies. I hope its just something simple like he has gas or maybe a tooth issue so it can be fixed.

I am going to try to get some painting done tonight if I can concentrate. I don’t do well with stress you see. I also will be posting my thoughts on some of the Trollblood changes that came in Mk2 in the coming days, probably Sunday. I personally am pretty happy with MOST of the changes (The Chronicler and Axer being 2) but some, like the Long Rider / Horthol changes make me kinda sad. Lets see what kind of Havok I can wreck on Saturday though.


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