Ponderings, Musings, and Plans

First off, to Alex Smith of Khador Red. Sorry I missed the game on Sunday, I was busy cleaning house and completely blanked out my friend. My apologies. We will have a game, just gotta make sure I plan around it this time. The holidays have not been kind to me.

Ok now that my public apology is out of the way: I am really starting to get excited about starting a mercs force. Why you ask? Variety. Variety is the spice of life, and for me, its very important. I have ADHD, no bones about it, used to be on meds for it and the whole nine yards. For the most part I control it well, and I am actually surprised with myself that Warmachine/Hordes has held my interest for so long. Usually I lose interest in this sort of thing by now. Also, due to my ADHD, I tend to lose focus on things (like painting, BLAST YOU) and whatnot. Furthermore, things that have little variety will eventually lose interest to me and I stop liking them.

Like Trolls right now. What you say? What am I talking about?! MADNESS! Well let me explain.

I find myself trying to come up with troll lists that will be workable and I find myself constantly taking the same units. Champs, Kriel Warriors, KSB + Elder, Chronicler, Fell Caller. Beast wise its always an Axer and a heavy, usually the Mauler. That’s if I am fielding Madrak, Calandra, or Grissel. If I field Hoarluk its always an Axer and Mulg, and a second light. Then either Champs or Warriors, Fell Caller, Chronicler, and possibly another support unit. If I use Grim I see Thumper Cannons, Impalers, and a Blizter. Once again with Champs or Warriors, Fell Caller, Chronicler, and KSB.

Notice a trend? I do. Now, my friend Gdaybloke suggested trying out the Pyg units and other things like that, but to be honest I don’t really like the Pygs (sorry guys!). So I am left with the same core of units constantly, only changing out really my caster and beasts. However when I look at the other Horde armies I find roughly the same predicament. And when I look at the non Merc forces of Warmachine I find the same sort of thing. A core group of units that you always take, and then change out the jacks and casters. In fact, if you take Menoth for example I almost ALWAYS know what I am facing. Choir, Covenant, Avatar, and then build from there. My meta usually involves Bastions, Zealots, and then a few more light jacks. In fact this lack of variety is why I decided against Khador (which is now per the Mk2 Prime book pronounced KAY-DOR. Ha! I have been saying it right this whole time!). With Khador I like the following: Butcher, The jacks, and the Man o War units and Great Bears. That’s it. That’s all. Not a whole lot to work with right?

SO where does that leave me? Mercs. The casters are varied, the contracts are interesting, the Jacks are pretty varied, but where they really shine are the units and solos. There are SO MANY Options, all of which seem solid, and can be combined in a variety of ways. This is what I like. Variety. Sure, they are not the most competitive in the world but at least I won’t be shoehorned into taking the same darn stuff all the time. Like infantry for example. Depending on the contract I could take Idrians (Magnus), Forge Guard, Sea Dogs, or Steelhead. All have their place, and all are varied. That is awesome. And then there are the solos, character units, ect.

Now my pondering stems from the following. Do I keep my Trolls, or trade them on Bartertown for Mercs? Just to sort my thoughts, here are my pros and cons of trading and keeping:

Keeping the Trolls PROS:
– Have a second faction around, a hordes faction
– I do enjoy my Trollish pals
– A little more variety (and we all know how much I like this, having both a Warmachine and Hordes faction)

Keeping the Trolls CONS:
– Having to purchase more units to get the core (Kriel Warriors, Mulg)
– Always having to field the same core units to get the faction working
– Slower acquisition of the Mercs due to purchasing more units for Trolls

Trading the Trolls PROS:
– Freeing up space on my table/storage
– Getting rid of something I have not been playing
– Building up the Mercs faster

Trading the Trolls CONS:
– Losing out on a faction that I do enjoy (just not right now)
– Going down to 1 faction period, granted its a big faction
– Less variety (just Warmachine, no Hordes)

See how this can put me in a quandary? Its not like the original quandary of Cygnar vs Trolls, as I do like my Trolls. I am just bored with em. Now Gday suggests I keep at least 35 points of Trolls, but hilariously I only really have 35 points of Trolls hehe. On the plus side I do have Brun and Lug for if / when I build a Seaforge Force. So what do you all think I should do? Should I trade in the Trolls for some new wheels, or should I just slowly build up the Mercs and keep my Trolls in reserve? I will say I am leaning towards trading them in (as it will end up cheaper on my wallet).

Now, on to my plans for the Mercs right now. I already have a deal on Bartertown for this Friday, to get Broadside Bart and McNaile. I am debating switching McNaile and Hawk in my 15 point planned list, or possibly have both and just switch them depending on who I face. If I face something that can negate my shooting I will use Hawk, if not, McNaile as he can boost the RAT of my jacks to make em more accurate. I also was going to through my hat in for AlexSmiths painting challenge with my Mercs, but I have one issue: No idea how to paint flesh. None. I don’t even think I have the colors for it! I have decided however on a basic color scheme, and yet again its gonna be purple.

Other then the Forge Guard, I want my guys clothing to be Purple. Trim or highlights in Gold, and of course Metal to be well metal. I think it will look awesome and pirate-y!

Finally, I got ahold of the P3 Core Techniques DVD, and I am going to write a review of it shortly. I figure I should be a perfect test subject as I am exactly what the DVD is targeting: Painting Noobs. I shall let you know how I feel about it in the next couple of days. And wow, this post got long fast. I need to stop writing books hehe.


Jumping into the Pool – 15 Points of Bart!

This is a repost of something I have posted up on the Merc forums. I am just going to post it here to save myself some time.

So I have been debating for a while on a second faction. I have my Trollbloods but with all the flux with Mk2 and the constant changes (Mulg has changed 3 times and I am tired of printing his card!) I have decided to focus my efforts on choosing a second faction.

To that end, I have chosen Mercs. Its a long story as to why, but I have decided to sell my sword, so to speak. I looked at each of the Merc warcasters and decided I wanted to start with something fun and interesting.

Enter Broadside Bart.

So today I looked at the Battlecollege listed Mk2 contracts, and came up with a Highborn Convenant Contract that I hope will work. Here is my starting 15 point list:

Broadside Bart
– Mariner (or Mule, same point value)
– Buccaneer
Min Forge Guard
Rhupert Carvolo
Like First Mate Hawk

I am gonna go over why I chose each model and some questions I have with each one as well, and I hope the collected wisdom of the Mercs around here can help me out.

Broadside Bart:
I chose him because I like his 2 spells Broadside and Batten down the Hatches. I also like his very straightforward and solid feat. He is a jack caster which I love as well, and is no slouch in melee. I do have some questions however.
1. Does Hot Shot boost the BLAST Damage rolls from an AOE? For example: I fire a shot with the Mariner, and hit for a 3in AOE. The main target gets the boosted roll, but does the blast damage as well?
2. If I use Broadside AFTER my Jacks have activated and gave up their Movement for the Aiming Bonus, do they get it again with the Broadside? My guess is no but I am just checking.
3. His feat sounds that an enemy has to move and end their movement in my CTRL area to be knocked down. How does this effect charges? If I am charged, do they get their charge attack off and THEN are knocked down, or do they get knocked down the instant the charge movement is ended? Also, if they stand still in my CTRL Area I assume they do not get knocked over, correct?

He is here to fill 3 points, and to also give me a source of Knockdown, which under Broadside I can try for twice. Also, under BDTH he gets up to ARM 19 which is crazy. A light that tough is hilarious.

Mariner or Mule:
Either choice is solid. Mariner has Range, Mule has AOE and POW. Which would you suggest and why? Also I assume the Mule would NOT get the +4 RNG if I use Broadside AFTER it Activates and ditches its movement to get it normally, correct?

She is there to hide behind the Forge Guard and pop out when ready to destroy support models. I was not sure what else to take instead of her.

Keeps the Forge Guard Tough, which is awesome. Also can grant Pathfinder if needed.

Forge Guard:
They have Ranked Attack, which lets me ignore them when drawing LOS. I assume this means I can fire THROUGH them. I want to be sure I can do this. I know I cannot MOVE through them however. Also they are a solid choice with reach, and weapon master I think.

Overall thats my idea behind the list. Basically I form up and march my way down the field, laying down fire with the jacks as needed. When I get into Melee and go and switch to BDTH and let my ARM boosted Jacks do some damage.

Also, how would you suggest expanding this to 35?

Broadside Bart 35 Point List

So I did some updating / chaging to my Broadside Bart list. I did this after talking yet again to Gday, and reading about some of the other contracts and options available to me. I realized that I was missing a heavy melee punch, which would cause me issues with things like Retribution (who with Rahn can change my deviation) and things like Menoth with their blasted Choir. I also realized after thinking that I could not have a hard line in front of my guns because I would have to leave spaces for firing lines, as none of my guns have Arcing Fire. So, I got to thinking.

And then I saw the Highborn Convenant. I checked and I realized I had access under this contract to everything I already wanted, and some things I couldn’t get under 4 Star. So here, I present to you: Broadside Bart and the AOE Jive.

Captain Bartolo Montador
– Mariner
– Mariner
2 Sea Dog Deck Guns
Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile
First Mate Hawk
Rhupert Carvolo
Forge Guard Full Unit
Gudrun the Wanderer
– Ogrun Bokur

There are a few reasons why I went with the above. I dropped a Sea Gun as you see so I could pick up a melee “super solo” which I choose Hawk. Hawk can hide behind my Forge Guard, and when the time is right dash out and possibly threaten some of the squisher targets in my opponents back line thanks to Acrobatics. Being a weapon master with 7 SPD is nice too.

The Forge Guard are one of the major changes. With Rhupert behind them they will be Tough, and have ARM 18. With Ranked Attack I can fire right through them, meaning they can form a literal wall in front of my guns and no one is getting through em easily. Plus they are all weapon masters with reach. Its almost like having Champions, only they have no HP but there are 10 of em. Also they can help crack high armor on a charge.

I took Gudrun and a Bokur so I can threaten a flank easier, and have yet another option for tying up my enemy. Also, if you are not paying attention they can pop out of nowhere and nail you or once again hit squishy support units.

Overall I think this list will fair MUCH better then my last. I only lost 1 shot, so I can make 6 in a round with Broadside instead of 7, and when the time comes for the Jacks to enter melee well, they will still be as dangerous as before.

A Vassling We Go (Games 3 and 4)

So I am up to 4 games now in Vassal and have a solid grasp on how to work the system. I really enjoy it and am having fun playing my beloved Warmahordes on it, even if I suck. I am sure a few of you blogaholics have seen the post on Lost Hemisphere where Gday talks about our 35 point game. I am gonna tell you flat out: I made mistakes. Lots of them, sometimes twice, and most of the time a mistake every turn with something. I could blame the loss on die rolls (they were HORRIBLE I am not kidding) or my brain friedness from work, but in the end I simply made a large number of tactical mistakes. I have yet to update my Win Loss record but now there will be another loss to Retribution and now another to Menoth which I will talk about next.

So, it was Rahn vs eDoomie, and you can find the lists over at Lost Hemisphere but I will post mine for the sake of it.

– Mulg the Ancient
– Slag Troll
– Axer
Champions, Full Unit (5)
Fell Caller
Thumper Cannon

I figured I would outnumbered, and I was. He used alot of solos, and ran what is called at my FLGS as a Poncho list, so named after our beloved player Poncho, who hates infantry and loves his solos. He also used his “fury bomb” aka Nayl, which I remember picking up and tossing 10 inches away (with deviation of course) from Mulg which made it useless save for the fact that I had to spend a fury to throw it. Oh, and I rolled a 1 on my throw check, bring my total to 14. Nayl couldn’t beat me but this was a sign of things to come.

Things I learned:
1. DO NOT WALK BEASTS NEAR ARTILLERY. 4 Stormfall Archers, 2 Snipers, and Rahn on a side of the board is not where I would want to be. Then again I walked both my Axer and Slag over there who both died after being turned around and shot in the back a whole lot.
2. Mulg + Forest with no Rush = BAD. I realize now what I should have done is feated, rushed Mulg, and had him trample through the forest over pEiryss, crushing her and making his way to the other side of the forest to threaten the Phoenix and Rahn. He had the distance to do it. But no, I didn’t do that. BAH!
3. I forgot I could charge over rough terrain, leaving my champs bogged down behind a wall and NOT Charging the stupid snake.
4. Dice hate me. I kid you not. I rolled 4 attacks, all boosted, from eDoomie and could NOT HIT NARN ONCE! Assuming an average roll of 9 on 3 dice, I should have hit def 14 which is Narn’s def. I rolled 4 attacks all of them under 6 total on 3 dice. Think about that for a minute.

So yea, I got crushed, severely. I think I killed 2 magisters, Nayl, and pEiryss and that was it. Yea. On the plus side the Thumper kept the Phoenix away for a few turns which was fun, and I did slam it into Rahn once.

Now for the second game, against John G, the man who got me into my Trolls. He played Menoth, and I played a pMagnus 4 star merc list. It was a 15 point game and we were doing it so he could learn Vassal.

He ran:

– Avatar of Menoth
– Reckoner (the mace guy with the gun)
Min Choir

I ran:

– Renegade
– Nomad
Gorman di Wulfe
Boomhowler Min Unit

The problem this time? My sucky rolls. I tossed a rush bomb for example and hit my own Nomad after missing the Avatar, and I could not crack the Avatar’s heavy armor. It didn’t help that I tossed the grenade AFTER I got into melee with the Avatar. DOH! Well it was my first time playing Mercs in general and its my first time in about 4-5 months of playing a Warmachine faction.

Overall I am having a blast playing Vassal games. I cannot wait to face more of you and welcome each of you to face me when you have a chance. Alex and me are gonna try to set something up after the holidays cause my weekends tend to be crazy right now, but my evenings are still free. I want to face Mael next, with my new 35 point Broadside Bart list. After testing pMagnus I want to give one of the pirates a shot. The sheer thought of what I can do with the list I came up with makes me giggle. I don’t care if this list wins. Its gonna be hilarious seeing what I can cause with it.

5 3in AOEs, shot 14inchs away, all POW 14 or better. EACH TURN. Hilarious. For those who are curious here is the list:

Captain Bartolo Montador
– Mariner
– Mariner
3 Sea Dog Deck Guns
Steelhead Halberdiers Full Unit
Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Dirty Meg
Aiyanna and Holt
Lord Rockbottom OR Kell Bailoch

The basic idea of this list is as follows: 1 Mariner stays in B2B with Bart, the other with Meg. Meg is basically here to repair my jacks as needed and to also use her Stall attack on enemy jacks. I could replace her with Thor if needed if I face Hordes for the flamethrower, but I think Meg will be fine. Between the Mariners and the Deck Guns I can fire 5 RNG 14 AOE3 shots a turn. If I cast Broadside that goes up to 7. That’s alot of blasts. If I use the mini feat on the Master Gunner I can suddenly fire 16 inches away for a turn, once again up to 7 shots. Lets not forget that each turn one of my guns will get a +2 RAT boost from the Master Gunner as well.

The Steelhead are there as a wall to protect the ranged elements, and Carvolo will keep them Tough. Rockbottom if used will be there with them to flame things and to keep them from breaking if it happens with his Bought Loyalty. If Kell is used he will pick off solo’s or support units from cover, as he can pull 2 shots a turn if he doesn’t move and has Stealth if he is in Cover or Concelment, which is awesome.

Aiyanna and Holt are there to help crack harder targets with their +2 damage spell, and with their stealth trick they can move around fairly freely as long as my opponent cannot ignore stealth. Also the +2 Damage Spell coupled with Holt and his Gunfighter/Virtuoso skills can make for 4 attacks at +2 damage, and he is no slouch at that sort of thing.

Once in Melee, the jacks will start being effected by Batten Down the Hatches. Their base DEF is 12, so a -2 reduction will barely be felt. However, boosting their ARM to a 20 is a solid boost, and Bart will become DEF 13 ARM 19 under Batten Down the Hatches. The Feat will be used to really mess with my opponent because knocked down targets don’t block LOS and I can auto hit them with my Steelhead, Holt, Meg, and so on.

I think this list is a solid list and can cause some issues with anyone. I mean, the Mariners are POW 15 shots, and if I boost their damage roll that can get pretty painful. Sadly I think I will be able to boost one of them a round, possibly 2 because of the cost of Broadside (3 FOC), and the fact that I will likely upkeep Hot Shot (free boosted ranged damage rolls) on one of em.

The next couple of people I play I think will be facing this list. So, who is next? Barret? Mael?

Vassal Game 2: Clay vs Mike (Seraphsong) 35 Points

So this last Sunday (the 13th) I played yet another game of Vassal Warmahordes. I am getting pretty good with that little program, but I am still learning. This time, I played against a gentleman from my FLGS named Mike, aka Seraphsong. He generally plays Everblight and Skorne (and is darn good I might add) but this time he wanted to test out his themed eSkarre pirate list! I figured I would test out the 35 point eDoomshaper list (aka the Mulg Rocket) and see how I fared. I held no illusions about winning given the skill that Mike has, even if he was playing his Cryx for the first time. He may claim otherwise, but its all lies! *winK*

I ran the Following:

– Mulg the Ancient
– Dire Troll Mauler
– Axer
Kriel Warriors (Full Unit)
Fell Caller

Mike ran the following:

Epic Skarre
– Deathripper
– Deathripper
– Deathjack
– Stalker
Satyxis Raiders with Sea Witch (Min Unit)
Blackbane’s Pirate Raiders (Min Unit)
Revenant Crew of the Atramenous (Min Unit)
Captain Rengrave

As he put it, he knew that most of that stuff was not the best options but he wanted to for a theme list, and it seemed to work quite well for him. He was also learning Vassal at the same time as playing against me, and I think he has it down fairly well at this point. He did get annoyed at me several times when I seemed hurried, but I was just excited and having fun. Happens to me sometimes I will admit.

Anyway, the game went badly for me. I had up to this point never faced Cryx (they and Cygnar are the only armies I have yet to face) and so I was not completely prepared for what he could pull off. I also screwed up my deployment, and had a tough time getting everyone advanced. Suffice to say by the end of turn 3 I would say, possibly 4, he had gotten his Stalker up to EDoomie and ate him. Not alot I can do when I cannot transfer. Also eSkarre’s feat is freaking brutal and that alone screwed me up. Basically with his feat he got Deathjack into Melee with the Mauler and Mulg, and they could not go anywhere without suffering a freestrike. Which still would not have saved me because I would not have been able to harm Skarre that turn anyway. I also foolishly moved my Axer away from the Stalker towards Skarre trying to threaten her. I should have gone after the blasted Stalker.

In the end though we had a blast, and I look forward to facing Mike again in the future, either in person or on Vassal.

Things I learned:

1. The list I was running is really a one trick pony. The way I built it and was trying to run it was a Mulg Delivery system. If I cannot get that trample/charge off with my feat (which thanks to his feat I could not) I am gonna be in a world of trouble. I want to try it again though against a different list and see how it works.

2. I don’t think I needed that Mauler. The Rage animus is nice, but Mulg doesn’t really need it. I should have grabbed another light, maybe a Winter or Impaler. Either one would have helped me. Also considering I cannot stack Rage and Rush there really is no point to the Mauler with Mulg around. Unless I want to Rage a solo for free like the Fell Caller.

3. The Kriel Warriors did exactly what they were supposed to do, which was cause trouble. 10 medium based models that can reach MAT 9 PS 12 with a Fell Caller / Prayer are rough.

4. My Runeshapers did not do a whole lot because I could not kill the Quartermaster for the pirate unit, thus letting all the pirates I killed come back. I need to learn to use them more effectively. Ah well, practice does make perfect.

5. The boost to STR for Mulg makes Primal Shock even more effective. In fact, I cannot see a reason to NOT run Mulg and eDoomie together for sure. If you use eDoomshaper, use Mulg as a beast. Its just smart. And use EITHER Refuge or Wild Aggression on him. Either one will let you get some shenanigans off.

6. I wanted the UA and WA for the Warriors. I wish I could have had at least 1 Caber Tosser for more power, and the UA for Anti Knockdown / bigger CMD area. If I had switched the Mauler to a light I could have had the points, possibly.

Now, in regards to my next match against Gday and his filthy elves I am thinking of switching it up and trying out a new improved Madrak list. This is what I am thinking:

– Axer
– Mauler
Kriel Warriors Full Unit
– Standard and Piper
– 2 Caber Tossers
KSB Min Unit
Champions Min Unit
Fell Caller

35 points on the nose baby.

Basic Idea: Standard Brick, but with the KSB being able to run it will advance a bit faster. I will use the Champs as a flanking unit, keeping them free to cause trouble. I will want to deploy and go second with this list I think, so I can place my Champs where they will cause the most trouble. I am considering switching out to Runeshapers as they are AOE spammers, but not nearly as tough as the Champs.

Conversely if I go first I can place my champs where I want the enemy to focus, and then just run them out of the area. With the 2 Caber Tossers, I am looking at PS13 base, +2 for the Prayer, and then I can put rage on em to get PS18 with a 3in Line. If I really get lucky I might catch em in the KSB Aura and thus get another point of STR, for PS19. That is something that no one can really ignore at that point. With a Fell Caller and the prayer they are MAT9, and then if I cast Carnage it gets to MAT11. And lets not forget CMA for the regular warriors, which I completely missed during my game with Mike.

Once I get into Combat I need to make sure I can cast Carnage almost every turn until I get down to the nitty gritty, to give my Warriors the best chance they got. With them being steady from the UA, and ARM 17 from the KSB it will be hard to kill them. And then I can use the Chronicler to give em Concealment during the advance so they are DEF 14 vs Ranged/Magic and ARM 17. That’s a hard wall to crack given its size.

The Mauler and Axer are there for transfers, fury, and their Animus mostly. If needed however I can get them into the fight and they will tear things apart given their relative strength.

Overall I have been having blast. I also got a chance to talk to Alex from Khador Red and get our plans going for our Vassal game. He is a really nice guy! So for those of you who have not contacted me yet get on it!

AIM / Email – bluedragonlord23@gmail.com
Skype – claytonblanchard

I cannot wait to hear from ya. Hopefully if this pans out I can start getting some of you playing against each other and not just me and then bam we got a global Vassal Community on top of our regular community! Well maybe not that big but I can dream….can’t I?

Holy Crap Mulg got Buffed

Mulg the Ancient. How I love your sculpt. But your stats were, for a while, boring and bland. Are you going to eat that was annoying and odd to pull off, and you really were nothing more then a beatstick.

Well PP did a second model update, and Mulg got buffed. Check this out.

+1 STR, +1 SPD, and more Damage Boxes. He is up to 34 boxes now. His STR is now 13, and his speed 5. He lost Are You Gonna Eat That, but gained Snacking (WOOT!), and Overtake! I can kill something, eat it, heal, and move 1 inch. With a reach weapon thats crazy. Lets not forget putting Doomshaper in and Goading for 2 more inchs! His Animus now is CMD Range rather then static 5, which for him is a 6in range and then its dependant on our Warlock.

Overall? I am gonna enjoy using Mulg now. Even more then before. Lets watch the fun begin and he eats his way through just about anything.

Check this: eDoomie and Mulg with an Axer. eDoomie Wild Aggressions Mulg for Autoboosted attacks and charges slams and tramples for free. You then Rush Mulg, pop your feat. Mulg now will charge 5 + 3 + 3 + 2 inches for a total of 13 inches of distance. THEN, you have reach, giving you a 15 in threat range, and you didnt have to spend a single fury on Mulg to get that distance. Oh and you have Pathfinder. Its a Mulg Rocket!

I fully intend to amuse myself with this several times during the course of my future Vassal games. I think if Mulg stays this way he will in fact be coming home.

Vassal Match – 15 Points (Clay vs Gday)

So, last night I got home and logged into AIM (bluedragonlord23@gmail.com is my screen name) to find the ever amusing Gdaybloke of Lost Hemisphere logged in. We got to talking and it was decided that we should try to connect with each other in Vassal, and to make sure I knew what the heck I was doing. Considering I have never used Vassal until this day that was a bit of an imperative. Perhaps I should have made sure I knew how to use it before I issued the challenge. Eh… NAH! You can read Gday’s thoughts at his blog. He claims it was not an assassination attempt. I say LIES!

I downloaded Skype (claytonblanchard is the user name for those curious, all lowercase) and we started talking as we worked our way through Vassal, which is now version 3.1.13 by the way. I will say that Gday is most assuredly Australian. That mans accent is thick and nifty. So, Gday spent the time to show me how to work Vassal, and during that time I suggested we play a game to get a feel for it. Nothing big, a battle box game if you will. He pointed out that Retribution has no Battle Box, so we decided on a 15 point practice match. To get a feel as it were to playing in Vassal.

Took us an hour and a half total, and I won.

So first, lets show the lists. I went with the following:

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia (eDoomie)
– Axer
– Mulg the Ancient
Runeshapers (3)

That is 15 points on the nose. I basically went with a bunch of stuff that I was curious to use. I did not intend to actually win, although I was going to try. Surprise for me that I did win hehe.

Gday ran the following, proxied using Menoth stuff. If you are curious, you can rename your models in Vassal which allows for proxying VERY Easily. I could tell what each unit was, even in the visuals did not match.

Adeptus Rahn
– Phoenix
Battle Mages (5+Leader)
– Soulless Escort

So, there you have it. Rahn vs eDoomie, with me being outnumbered. I did take screenshots but do not have them here at work. Basically he spent the game bouncing my guys around with pulls, pushes, and slams. He tried to get Narn in range for an assassination, but I believe either Mulg ate him, or I shot Narn with a Primal Shock. I forget which exactly. All I know is that I had a dead elf and Mulg ate it.

In the end, Rahn attacked my Axer. Gday had a chance to beat me. He first attacked the last Runeshaper who was in Melee with Rahn, and thanks to Beatback was able to get range on my already damaged Axer. It took him several attacks (he had all his focus thanks to me killing his Phoenix) to kill my Runeshaper. I made 2 tough rolls which caused issues. He then did quite a bit of damage to the Axer…but left him with 1 point of life in his Spirit Tree. Had he been able to down the Axer I would have had to melee Rahn with eDoomie, as Mulg was deep in the midst of 2 Battlemages and a Soulless, and far enough away that he would not have been able to reach Rahn. I basically lucked out.

On my last turn I activated EDoomie, walked him up, healed 1 point in each Mind and Body on my Axer so he had no lost aspects, and used the last of my Fury to cast Wild Aggression so I could save the fury for extra attacks and damage boosts if I needed. 1 damage boosted attack from the Axer downed Rahn.

Things I learned (other then how to use Vassal!) By the way, the Ruler function in Vassal is in 1/10th of an inch. Thus a 10 = 1inch. Figured that out thanks to the Ruler template they had.

Primal Shock is fun. With my Control Range I can have a 22in POW 12 damage shot if I use Mulg or a Mauler as the target. With a magic score of 7 I can hit quite a few things. For 2 fury that’s a good attack spell, and since it does not use the Beast as a real arc node I can cast it while the beast is in combat, possibly killing the target to let the beast move around.

Wild Aggression and Refuge should always be cast 1st turn and upkept for most of the game. I had Refuge on my Axer which is what let it get around to Rahn towards the end, as he was near Mulg. I had to Thresher and then bounce him over towards Rahn. Worked well. Rush cannot stack with it though, as rush is not +2 Speed but rather +2inchs of movement. Well I guess you could use Rush for the Pathfinder though. Wild Aggression is a fury saver as well, giving you free charges, slams, tramples, and boosted melee attacks. With Mulg having 2 attacks, at MAT 7, I was almost always sure to connect. Well worth the 1 fury to upkeep.

Mulg is truly a beatstick, but he lacks against Warmachine as his animus is completely pointless. In fact, I would never bother with it even against Hordes. If I am within 5 inches of something, its gonna die. Period. In this game I almost would have rather had the Mauler though. Free Rage on him would have made him almost the equal of Mulg, and would have allowed me to make my Axer P+S 18 instead of 15.

eDoomie’s Hyper Regen is handy if he isn’t in melee. It let me soak back up 3 damage after I got nailed by a slam.

I need to learn to use eDoomie’s feat. I did not use it at ANY point in this game, and I should have. With 2 beasts I could have feated, rushed both, and then had 1 fury left over. Then, I could have had each of them charge. The Axer would have had a 5 + 3 + 3 + 2 (13in) base charge range, and Mulg would have had a 12in. Not counting Reach on either of their weapons. That’s alot of distance to cover, with Pathfinder.

I like Runeshapers. If they do not change I can see them being a purchase for me. I personally like the sculpts and I think they are really a solid unit. Having access to 3 8in RNG POW 14 AOE 3 blasts are nice, with Crit Knockdown to boot. Also with them being immune to knockdown and having an AOE Knockdown in Tremor is nice if I were to run them in before having some champs or something slam into the targets.

Overall I think I am ready to play in Vassal. Next Thursday is the big 35 point Match between me and Gday. I am sure he wants vengence. And Me, well, I want to see what kind of havok I can cause with a full list!

Oh and here is something fun: I can play Vassal via Email apparently, so for those of you want to participate in the Vassal Challenge and cannot because of your time zone, we can try to do it via Email! I would totally be willing. Let me know via AIM, Email, or Skype if you are interested.

AIM / Email – bluedragonlord23@gmail.com
Skype – claytonblanchard

I hope to hear from some of you soon.

And remember, you may face Mercs instead of Trolls!