The Vassal Challenge!

So, with the advent of Mk2 I want to play more and more. However, with it being the holiday season and a few other personal reasons, I don’t have the time to make it out to the FLGS. So, I had the idea after reading a few other posts I had the idea to give Vassal another go. So what is Vassal? Its an engine designed to allow you to play Boardgames online. Thats all it basically is. People have to build the mods to run the games. Someone has actually done a Warmachine / Hordes module for it.

And here is my challenge. If you play Warmachine or Hordes on Vassal, I challenge you to a game. An open challenge if you will. If you notice, there is now a link to this post in my Sidebar. Basically comment here with your timezone and available times and I will try to setup a time to play against you online. Mk2 games of course.

I feel this will grow our community, allow people who couldn’t play against each other normally (Hello Barret!) to face off, and to help with the Hordes Mk2 fieldtest.

So, who is ready to play like they have a pair? ;)

EDIT – For those who are curious, my available times are SAT/SUN Anytime really, Mon and Tue 8pm to 12am, and WED THUR FRI 8pm to 11pm.


15 thoughts on “The Vassal Challenge!

  1. Lets thrown down! I am GMT-5 and free usually within a few days with some heads up. Let me know when you want to play next week and i’ll make it happen.

    – Mael


  2. I might be up for a game on Vassal. Vassal is much easier when you have your opponent on voice chat as well. Alot is lost in the digital translation gamewise. There’s just nothing quite like moving your models across the table.


  3. Barrett

    Dang, you called me out. Gotta admit, I’ve never played on Vassal before. But since my honor is at stake, I’ll have to give it a go (after finals of course). I’ll try to get with you sometime after the 19th. I’ll probably stick with Cygnar though. Coupling a learning curve for Vassal with a learning curve for Legion doesn’t bode well for me. :)


  4. Kevin

    I’ve recently quit GW and am greatly anticipating the MKii release for WM Hordes. I’ve done a demo and played a handful of duel sized games so far.

    I’m in CST and could play any evenings after about 9:00 CST.

    I play Retribution for WM, and Legion for Hordes. I’d be most interested in playing Legion since Vassal doesn’t support Ret yet.


  5. Penguin

    Penguin from Yellow dice here. I would love to give you a game, but has Retribution been added yet? If my beloved Space Elves are in I can be avaible any time you are.


  6. alexsmith175

    Hey up Clayton

    I’m on GMT +0hrs (sunny England) not really sure when I am available but it is usually after 8pm local time on weekday evenings.

    Let me know when you’re free and I’ll see what we can do!


    1. Well I am in Eastern Standard Time, which I believe is 5 hours behind you…

      We could probably work something out on the weekend though! Gotta figure out how to work Vassal :P


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