Dipping, Stripping, and Vassal

I know I have not posted since the Vassal Challenge, and I apologize. I have been dealing with some stressful and traumatic stuff. If you are curious, I had to put one of my pets to sleep over the weekend, so it was not a fun weekend. I am recovering though so don’t worry.

Anyway! Enough of that. You came here to read about Warmahordes nonsense, and thus you shall have it! First up we shall talk about The Vassal Challenge. I am surprised at the response I got to be honest. I still have no idea how to work Vassal completely (although I am figuring it out) and will soon be ready to setup some games. So far, I have the following people interested, and the following times they are available. If you want to update it just comment, or you can email me at bluedragonlord23@gmail.com. And no, I don’t care if I get spam there so HA.

The Vassal Challenge Current Roster:

alexsmith175 – GMT, Available 8pm Local (3pm EST) during the week
Penguin of Yellow Dice – When Retribution is AddedTheGreatBlah – MST, Most Evenings, Sunday Best
Kevin – after 9pm CST, Friday or Saturday preferrable
Barrett – After the 19th of Dec, Evenings
Necronomitron – No Time Listed
JME (Mael) – EST Evenings, needs a few days headstart
Gdaybloke – No Idea but me and him are gonna figure it out

So yea, once I get settled and back to normal I will be getting the games setup. It may have to wait till January thanks to Christmas and New Years but eh, its online so that shouldnt make a difference. Also I can get Skype so we can have Voicechat while playing if you want. That doesn’t matter though to me much. Oh and what Point Level do you all want to play at? I am most used to 35 / 50 myself.

In other news: I had seen some pictures of Dipping mini’s and it seemed to be a slightly faster way to get some painted dudes down, and to be honest the results looked very nice as long as you avoided pooling issues. Does anyone know of some good tutorials on dipping? Would a black primer basecoat effect the end result? If so, how would I strip the paint off to redo the primer in white?

I am looking to speed up my progress on painting, and to me the end result is what I am after not the techniques. I am not like Gdaybloke, Kerry from Warpainter, Mael or any of those awesome painter dudes :P


4 thoughts on “Dipping, Stripping, and Vassal

  1. Kevin

    Thats cool on the vassal front. Xmas is a busy time for everyone. Fyi: my email is Grimsnikk at gmail if any of the other vassal users want to play. Maybe we can get a vassal users w/ email &availability topic.

    http://thepaintingcorps.blogspot.com/search/label/Washes has some good tutorials on the “wash everything” approach to washing. If you are going to literally dip a model, as opposed to covering everything with a very large brush in one or two passes I would recommend:
    -Tapping them two or three times on the side of your container.
    – getting a material with holes in it to put them on. A piece of screen or something similar is a great way to ensure that the model doesn’t get stuck to whatever you put it on. Inks and washes can dry pretty hard otherwise. I used to use a metal oven pan, paper towels in the middle, and then a cooling rack on top.


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