Choices Choices: Khador vs Mercenaries

So I have talked about it but have yet to do it. I want to get a single faction for Warmachine. Much like how I have my trolls for Hordes, I want a single Warmachine faction. I thought I had settled on Khador (thanks to the Decimator) but at the same time I got a good look at how the Ghordson Basher works and now I am waffling once again.

It didn’t help that I actually downloaded the Mk2 WM Cards from PP, and actually read through the various units and such. I saw Magus for example and his “I upkeep stuff for free” and just went Wow. I still also love the Dwarves, including the new improved Madhammer. But at the same time Butcher, Vlad, and all the Khador goodness looks solid and fun as well.

I honestly have no idea which I would want anymore.

So lets here it from you all. Make a case, if you will, as to why I should go with the Motherland, or the highest bidder! Use any form of convincing you want, from Fluff based suggestions to mechanics based or anything in between. I want to see what you all can come up with!

Help me choose, please!


15 thoughts on “Choices Choices: Khador vs Mercenaries

  1. Mercenaries. Seriously, man. If you’re into Magnus you get access to a lot of cool toys – the Renegades, the Mule and the Mariner can make for a brutal ranged battlegroup, while the Mangler, Nomad, Vanguard and, to an extent, the Talon and Freebooter have some brutal beatstick potential. He can run either, or a mix of both, and with a couple of turns to set up his battlegroup can become an efficient little monster.

    You’ve access to an excellent variety of infantry and solos via the Four Star Syndicate if you actually want to play it for wins (Magnus + AOE jacks + Dougal McNaile = win, factor in Dirty Meg to run a beatstick ‘jack like a Nomad too and season with infantry to taste), or some strong themes in things like Magnus’ Agenda (my Merc army of choice) or the Talion Charter. The tightly themed Merc forces don’t tend to win as many games and will always involve giving up potential power combos, but they’re fun to paint and look at. And the beauty is that if you build two or three small themed Merc forces you’ll find yourself with something that combines into an effective Four Star list if you select the best of each.

    Go Mercs. Flexible and fun.


    1. Thats what I was thinking. Khador has a lot of fluff behind it that I like, but at the same time I only really like Butcher and the new caster, and thats it for Casters.

      With Mercs I like a few different ones. Thanks for the input Von.


  2. Barrett Young

    How about this for a case… I’ll sell you Magnus, the Mangler and a Renegade for $30. It isn’t the full battlegroup, since I’m keeping the Talon for use with Dirty Meg as a jack marshall. Tempting??

    Nah, whatever you decide is cool. Khador definitely is tempting (unless you pronouce it Kay-dor, cuz then it’s just lame). I’ve been buying a lot of mercs recently for use with my Cygnar and they add a lot of variety. And a lot of their stuff is usable with Khador, so if you eventually get both, some stuff will still work. Plus, as a merc player, you get the pride of knowing that you play the faction that isn’t a faction. It’s like the Marines of WM.


    1. Interesting proposal there sir :P

      How bout you give em to me and I won’t whomp you with my Trolls ;) LOL I am trying to determine based on what I can see from his spells and whatnot how pMagnus would run normally. His AOE attack spell looks pretty solid actually, but not sure how it would work out in practice since he only has 6 FOC and its a 4 FOC cost…


      1. Barrett Young

        Just let me know what you decide. I’m the same with you re: Khador. I love the jacks and some of the infantry (widowmaker jealousy) but can’t get myself to like the casters.


        1. Well I am considering your offer now of $30, but is that with or without shipping included? :P

          Its not like you don’t have my address lol. You could always send it as a Xmas gift ;) *nudge nudge wink wink* LOL


          1. Barrett Young

            That would be with shipping. I don’t like hidden fees when I trade.

            I do have your address! I could send it to you as a Christmas gift, and then, in thanks, you could send me $30 as a thank-you Christmas gift! lol.

            If you do want it, but can’t pay for a while, I don’t might letting you have it ahead of time. I know where you live… >(


              1. LOL Not really :P You are not very scary there sir ;)

                However, I will definitely consider your offer. I am not sure if I want to start with Magnus or with one of the Seaforge gents.

                So many choices so little time.


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