Holy Crap Mulg got Buffed

Mulg the Ancient. How I love your sculpt. But your stats were, for a while, boring and bland. Are you going to eat that was annoying and odd to pull off, and you really were nothing more then a beatstick.

Well PP did a second model update, and Mulg got buffed. Check this out.

+1 STR, +1 SPD, and more Damage Boxes. He is up to 34 boxes now. His STR is now 13, and his speed 5. He lost Are You Gonna Eat That, but gained Snacking (WOOT!), and Overtake! I can kill something, eat it, heal, and move 1 inch. With a reach weapon thats crazy. Lets not forget putting Doomshaper in and Goading for 2 more inchs! His Animus now is CMD Range rather then static 5, which for him is a 6in range and then its dependant on our Warlock.

Overall? I am gonna enjoy using Mulg now. Even more then before. Lets watch the fun begin and he eats his way through just about anything.

Check this: eDoomie and Mulg with an Axer. eDoomie Wild Aggressions Mulg for Autoboosted attacks and charges slams and tramples for free. You then Rush Mulg, pop your feat. Mulg now will charge 5 + 3 + 3 + 2 inches for a total of 13 inches of distance. THEN, you have reach, giving you a 15 in threat range, and you didnt have to spend a single fury on Mulg to get that distance. Oh and you have Pathfinder. Its a Mulg Rocket!

I fully intend to amuse myself with this several times during the course of my future Vassal games. I think if Mulg stays this way he will in fact be coming home.


2 thoughts on “Holy Crap Mulg got Buffed

  1. just an fyi, but you can’t use snacking and overtake on the same kill. The “Remove From Play” effect from snacking will happen before the model is technically “Destroyed” trigger for Overtake. On the plus side, Jason Soles said to playtest Snacking as being optional, so you can do one or the other (http://www.privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?t=2996&page=2)

    Personally, the more exciting part is the Krielstone Bearer being able to run and do an aura. Granted, exciting in the “crap, now my buddy’s trolls can actually move” kind of way.


    1. Hehe yea the KSB Being able to run/charge and what not is awesome.

      I am going to bring it pretty much anytime I go to 50, with the SSE. That way I can run it up between champs, use the Aura, then have the champs charge around it to get the +2 ARM +1 STR Bonus.


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