Vassal Match – 15 Points (Clay vs Gday)

So, last night I got home and logged into AIM ( is my screen name) to find the ever amusing Gdaybloke of Lost Hemisphere logged in. We got to talking and it was decided that we should try to connect with each other in Vassal, and to make sure I knew what the heck I was doing. Considering I have never used Vassal until this day that was a bit of an imperative. Perhaps I should have made sure I knew how to use it before I issued the challenge. Eh… NAH! You can read Gday’s thoughts at his blog. He claims it was not an assassination attempt. I say LIES!

I downloaded Skype (claytonblanchard is the user name for those curious, all lowercase) and we started talking as we worked our way through Vassal, which is now version 3.1.13 by the way. I will say that Gday is most assuredly Australian. That mans accent is thick and nifty. So, Gday spent the time to show me how to work Vassal, and during that time I suggested we play a game to get a feel for it. Nothing big, a battle box game if you will. He pointed out that Retribution has no Battle Box, so we decided on a 15 point practice match. To get a feel as it were to playing in Vassal.

Took us an hour and a half total, and I won.

So first, lets show the lists. I went with the following:

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia (eDoomie)
– Axer
– Mulg the Ancient
Runeshapers (3)

That is 15 points on the nose. I basically went with a bunch of stuff that I was curious to use. I did not intend to actually win, although I was going to try. Surprise for me that I did win hehe.

Gday ran the following, proxied using Menoth stuff. If you are curious, you can rename your models in Vassal which allows for proxying VERY Easily. I could tell what each unit was, even in the visuals did not match.

Adeptus Rahn
– Phoenix
Battle Mages (5+Leader)
– Soulless Escort

So, there you have it. Rahn vs eDoomie, with me being outnumbered. I did take screenshots but do not have them here at work. Basically he spent the game bouncing my guys around with pulls, pushes, and slams. He tried to get Narn in range for an assassination, but I believe either Mulg ate him, or I shot Narn with a Primal Shock. I forget which exactly. All I know is that I had a dead elf and Mulg ate it.

In the end, Rahn attacked my Axer. Gday had a chance to beat me. He first attacked the last Runeshaper who was in Melee with Rahn, and thanks to Beatback was able to get range on my already damaged Axer. It took him several attacks (he had all his focus thanks to me killing his Phoenix) to kill my Runeshaper. I made 2 tough rolls which caused issues. He then did quite a bit of damage to the Axer…but left him with 1 point of life in his Spirit Tree. Had he been able to down the Axer I would have had to melee Rahn with eDoomie, as Mulg was deep in the midst of 2 Battlemages and a Soulless, and far enough away that he would not have been able to reach Rahn. I basically lucked out.

On my last turn I activated EDoomie, walked him up, healed 1 point in each Mind and Body on my Axer so he had no lost aspects, and used the last of my Fury to cast Wild Aggression so I could save the fury for extra attacks and damage boosts if I needed. 1 damage boosted attack from the Axer downed Rahn.

Things I learned (other then how to use Vassal!) By the way, the Ruler function in Vassal is in 1/10th of an inch. Thus a 10 = 1inch. Figured that out thanks to the Ruler template they had.

Primal Shock is fun. With my Control Range I can have a 22in POW 12 damage shot if I use Mulg or a Mauler as the target. With a magic score of 7 I can hit quite a few things. For 2 fury that’s a good attack spell, and since it does not use the Beast as a real arc node I can cast it while the beast is in combat, possibly killing the target to let the beast move around.

Wild Aggression and Refuge should always be cast 1st turn and upkept for most of the game. I had Refuge on my Axer which is what let it get around to Rahn towards the end, as he was near Mulg. I had to Thresher and then bounce him over towards Rahn. Worked well. Rush cannot stack with it though, as rush is not +2 Speed but rather +2inchs of movement. Well I guess you could use Rush for the Pathfinder though. Wild Aggression is a fury saver as well, giving you free charges, slams, tramples, and boosted melee attacks. With Mulg having 2 attacks, at MAT 7, I was almost always sure to connect. Well worth the 1 fury to upkeep.

Mulg is truly a beatstick, but he lacks against Warmachine as his animus is completely pointless. In fact, I would never bother with it even against Hordes. If I am within 5 inches of something, its gonna die. Period. In this game I almost would have rather had the Mauler though. Free Rage on him would have made him almost the equal of Mulg, and would have allowed me to make my Axer P+S 18 instead of 15.

eDoomie’s Hyper Regen is handy if he isn’t in melee. It let me soak back up 3 damage after I got nailed by a slam.

I need to learn to use eDoomie’s feat. I did not use it at ANY point in this game, and I should have. With 2 beasts I could have feated, rushed both, and then had 1 fury left over. Then, I could have had each of them charge. The Axer would have had a 5 + 3 + 3 + 2 (13in) base charge range, and Mulg would have had a 12in. Not counting Reach on either of their weapons. That’s alot of distance to cover, with Pathfinder.

I like Runeshapers. If they do not change I can see them being a purchase for me. I personally like the sculpts and I think they are really a solid unit. Having access to 3 8in RNG POW 14 AOE 3 blasts are nice, with Crit Knockdown to boot. Also with them being immune to knockdown and having an AOE Knockdown in Tremor is nice if I were to run them in before having some champs or something slam into the targets.

Overall I think I am ready to play in Vassal. Next Thursday is the big 35 point Match between me and Gday. I am sure he wants vengence. And Me, well, I want to see what kind of havok I can cause with a full list!

Oh and here is something fun: I can play Vassal via Email apparently, so for those of you want to participate in the Vassal Challenge and cannot because of your time zone, we can try to do it via Email! I would totally be willing. Let me know via AIM, Email, or Skype if you are interested.

AIM / Email –
Skype – claytonblanchard

I hope to hear from some of you soon.

And remember, you may face Mercs instead of Trolls!


7 thoughts on “Vassal Match – 15 Points (Clay vs Gday)

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