Vassal Game 2: Clay vs Mike (Seraphsong) 35 Points

So this last Sunday (the 13th) I played yet another game of Vassal Warmahordes. I am getting pretty good with that little program, but I am still learning. This time, I played against a gentleman from my FLGS named Mike, aka Seraphsong. He generally plays Everblight and Skorne (and is darn good I might add) but this time he wanted to test out his themed eSkarre pirate list! I figured I would test out the 35 point eDoomshaper list (aka the Mulg Rocket) and see how I fared. I held no illusions about winning given the skill that Mike has, even if he was playing his Cryx for the first time. He may claim otherwise, but its all lies! *winK*

I ran the Following:

– Mulg the Ancient
– Dire Troll Mauler
– Axer
Kriel Warriors (Full Unit)
Fell Caller

Mike ran the following:

Epic Skarre
– Deathripper
– Deathripper
– Deathjack
– Stalker
Satyxis Raiders with Sea Witch (Min Unit)
Blackbane’s Pirate Raiders (Min Unit)
Revenant Crew of the Atramenous (Min Unit)
Captain Rengrave

As he put it, he knew that most of that stuff was not the best options but he wanted to for a theme list, and it seemed to work quite well for him. He was also learning Vassal at the same time as playing against me, and I think he has it down fairly well at this point. He did get annoyed at me several times when I seemed hurried, but I was just excited and having fun. Happens to me sometimes I will admit.

Anyway, the game went badly for me. I had up to this point never faced Cryx (they and Cygnar are the only armies I have yet to face) and so I was not completely prepared for what he could pull off. I also screwed up my deployment, and had a tough time getting everyone advanced. Suffice to say by the end of turn 3 I would say, possibly 4, he had gotten his Stalker up to EDoomie and ate him. Not alot I can do when I cannot transfer. Also eSkarre’s feat is freaking brutal and that alone screwed me up. Basically with his feat he got Deathjack into Melee with the Mauler and Mulg, and they could not go anywhere without suffering a freestrike. Which still would not have saved me because I would not have been able to harm Skarre that turn anyway. I also foolishly moved my Axer away from the Stalker towards Skarre trying to threaten her. I should have gone after the blasted Stalker.

In the end though we had a blast, and I look forward to facing Mike again in the future, either in person or on Vassal.

Things I learned:

1. The list I was running is really a one trick pony. The way I built it and was trying to run it was a Mulg Delivery system. If I cannot get that trample/charge off with my feat (which thanks to his feat I could not) I am gonna be in a world of trouble. I want to try it again though against a different list and see how it works.

2. I don’t think I needed that Mauler. The Rage animus is nice, but Mulg doesn’t really need it. I should have grabbed another light, maybe a Winter or Impaler. Either one would have helped me. Also considering I cannot stack Rage and Rush there really is no point to the Mauler with Mulg around. Unless I want to Rage a solo for free like the Fell Caller.

3. The Kriel Warriors did exactly what they were supposed to do, which was cause trouble. 10 medium based models that can reach MAT 9 PS 12 with a Fell Caller / Prayer are rough.

4. My Runeshapers did not do a whole lot because I could not kill the Quartermaster for the pirate unit, thus letting all the pirates I killed come back. I need to learn to use them more effectively. Ah well, practice does make perfect.

5. The boost to STR for Mulg makes Primal Shock even more effective. In fact, I cannot see a reason to NOT run Mulg and eDoomie together for sure. If you use eDoomshaper, use Mulg as a beast. Its just smart. And use EITHER Refuge or Wild Aggression on him. Either one will let you get some shenanigans off.

6. I wanted the UA and WA for the Warriors. I wish I could have had at least 1 Caber Tosser for more power, and the UA for Anti Knockdown / bigger CMD area. If I had switched the Mauler to a light I could have had the points, possibly.

Now, in regards to my next match against Gday and his filthy elves I am thinking of switching it up and trying out a new improved Madrak list. This is what I am thinking:

– Axer
– Mauler
Kriel Warriors Full Unit
– Standard and Piper
– 2 Caber Tossers
KSB Min Unit
Champions Min Unit
Fell Caller

35 points on the nose baby.

Basic Idea: Standard Brick, but with the KSB being able to run it will advance a bit faster. I will use the Champs as a flanking unit, keeping them free to cause trouble. I will want to deploy and go second with this list I think, so I can place my Champs where they will cause the most trouble. I am considering switching out to Runeshapers as they are AOE spammers, but not nearly as tough as the Champs.

Conversely if I go first I can place my champs where I want the enemy to focus, and then just run them out of the area. With the 2 Caber Tossers, I am looking at PS13 base, +2 for the Prayer, and then I can put rage on em to get PS18 with a 3in Line. If I really get lucky I might catch em in the KSB Aura and thus get another point of STR, for PS19. That is something that no one can really ignore at that point. With a Fell Caller and the prayer they are MAT9, and then if I cast Carnage it gets to MAT11. And lets not forget CMA for the regular warriors, which I completely missed during my game with Mike.

Once I get into Combat I need to make sure I can cast Carnage almost every turn until I get down to the nitty gritty, to give my Warriors the best chance they got. With them being steady from the UA, and ARM 17 from the KSB it will be hard to kill them. And then I can use the Chronicler to give em Concealment during the advance so they are DEF 14 vs Ranged/Magic and ARM 17. That’s a hard wall to crack given its size.

The Mauler and Axer are there for transfers, fury, and their Animus mostly. If needed however I can get them into the fight and they will tear things apart given their relative strength.

Overall I have been having blast. I also got a chance to talk to Alex from Khador Red and get our plans going for our Vassal game. He is a really nice guy! So for those of you who have not contacted me yet get on it!

AIM / Email –
Skype – claytonblanchard

I cannot wait to hear from ya. Hopefully if this pans out I can start getting some of you playing against each other and not just me and then bam we got a global Vassal Community on top of our regular community! Well maybe not that big but I can dream….can’t I?


4 thoughts on “Vassal Game 2: Clay vs Mike (Seraphsong) 35 Points

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  2. Plummer

    My frustration stemmed from a long day at work, relationship issues and being mad at myself for not printing cards. Next time I will be more chilled. :P. Also frustration at learning the program. I’m not good at being bad at things.

    Clay sells himself short. His main problem came from not moving his biggies fast enough. If you keep your big baddies too far back, they aren’t a threat. You are getting better every game, man. Keep it up!


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