A Vassling We Go (Games 3 and 4)

So I am up to 4 games now in Vassal and have a solid grasp on how to work the system. I really enjoy it and am having fun playing my beloved Warmahordes on it, even if I suck. I am sure a few of you blogaholics have seen the post on Lost Hemisphere where Gday talks about our 35 point game. I am gonna tell you flat out: I made mistakes. Lots of them, sometimes twice, and most of the time a mistake every turn with something. I could blame the loss on die rolls (they were HORRIBLE I am not kidding) or my brain friedness from work, but in the end I simply made a large number of tactical mistakes. I have yet to update my Win Loss record but now there will be another loss to Retribution and now another to Menoth which I will talk about next.

So, it was Rahn vs eDoomie, and you can find the lists over at Lost Hemisphere but I will post mine for the sake of it.

– Mulg the Ancient
– Slag Troll
– Axer
Champions, Full Unit (5)
Fell Caller
Thumper Cannon

I figured I would outnumbered, and I was. He used alot of solos, and ran what is called at my FLGS as a Poncho list, so named after our beloved player Poncho, who hates infantry and loves his solos. He also used his “fury bomb” aka Nayl, which I remember picking up and tossing 10 inches away (with deviation of course) from Mulg which made it useless save for the fact that I had to spend a fury to throw it. Oh, and I rolled a 1 on my throw check, bring my total to 14. Nayl couldn’t beat me but this was a sign of things to come.

Things I learned:
1. DO NOT WALK BEASTS NEAR ARTILLERY. 4 Stormfall Archers, 2 Snipers, and Rahn on a side of the board is not where I would want to be. Then again I walked both my Axer and Slag over there who both died after being turned around and shot in the back a whole lot.
2. Mulg + Forest with no Rush = BAD. I realize now what I should have done is feated, rushed Mulg, and had him trample through the forest over pEiryss, crushing her and making his way to the other side of the forest to threaten the Phoenix and Rahn. He had the distance to do it. But no, I didn’t do that. BAH!
3. I forgot I could charge over rough terrain, leaving my champs bogged down behind a wall and NOT Charging the stupid snake.
4. Dice hate me. I kid you not. I rolled 4 attacks, all boosted, from eDoomie and could NOT HIT NARN ONCE! Assuming an average roll of 9 on 3 dice, I should have hit def 14 which is Narn’s def. I rolled 4 attacks all of them under 6 total on 3 dice. Think about that for a minute.

So yea, I got crushed, severely. I think I killed 2 magisters, Nayl, and pEiryss and that was it. Yea. On the plus side the Thumper kept the Phoenix away for a few turns which was fun, and I did slam it into Rahn once.

Now for the second game, against John G, the man who got me into my Trolls. He played Menoth, and I played a pMagnus 4 star merc list. It was a 15 point game and we were doing it so he could learn Vassal.

He ran:

– Avatar of Menoth
– Reckoner (the mace guy with the gun)
Min Choir

I ran:

– Renegade
– Nomad
Gorman di Wulfe
Boomhowler Min Unit

The problem this time? My sucky rolls. I tossed a rush bomb for example and hit my own Nomad after missing the Avatar, and I could not crack the Avatar’s heavy armor. It didn’t help that I tossed the grenade AFTER I got into melee with the Avatar. DOH! Well it was my first time playing Mercs in general and its my first time in about 4-5 months of playing a Warmachine faction.

Overall I am having a blast playing Vassal games. I cannot wait to face more of you and welcome each of you to face me when you have a chance. Alex and me are gonna try to set something up after the holidays cause my weekends tend to be crazy right now, but my evenings are still free. I want to face Mael next, with my new 35 point Broadside Bart list. After testing pMagnus I want to give one of the pirates a shot. The sheer thought of what I can do with the list I came up with makes me giggle. I don’t care if this list wins. Its gonna be hilarious seeing what I can cause with it.

5 3in AOEs, shot 14inchs away, all POW 14 or better. EACH TURN. Hilarious. For those who are curious here is the list:

Captain Bartolo Montador
– Mariner
– Mariner
3 Sea Dog Deck Guns
Steelhead Halberdiers Full Unit
Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Dirty Meg
Aiyanna and Holt
Lord Rockbottom OR Kell Bailoch

The basic idea of this list is as follows: 1 Mariner stays in B2B with Bart, the other with Meg. Meg is basically here to repair my jacks as needed and to also use her Stall attack on enemy jacks. I could replace her with Thor if needed if I face Hordes for the flamethrower, but I think Meg will be fine. Between the Mariners and the Deck Guns I can fire 5 RNG 14 AOE3 shots a turn. If I cast Broadside that goes up to 7. That’s alot of blasts. If I use the mini feat on the Master Gunner I can suddenly fire 16 inches away for a turn, once again up to 7 shots. Lets not forget that each turn one of my guns will get a +2 RAT boost from the Master Gunner as well.

The Steelhead are there as a wall to protect the ranged elements, and Carvolo will keep them Tough. Rockbottom if used will be there with them to flame things and to keep them from breaking if it happens with his Bought Loyalty. If Kell is used he will pick off solo’s or support units from cover, as he can pull 2 shots a turn if he doesn’t move and has Stealth if he is in Cover or Concelment, which is awesome.

Aiyanna and Holt are there to help crack harder targets with their +2 damage spell, and with their stealth trick they can move around fairly freely as long as my opponent cannot ignore stealth. Also the +2 Damage Spell coupled with Holt and his Gunfighter/Virtuoso skills can make for 4 attacks at +2 damage, and he is no slouch at that sort of thing.

Once in Melee, the jacks will start being effected by Batten Down the Hatches. Their base DEF is 12, so a -2 reduction will barely be felt. However, boosting their ARM to a 20 is a solid boost, and Bart will become DEF 13 ARM 19 under Batten Down the Hatches. The Feat will be used to really mess with my opponent because knocked down targets don’t block LOS and I can auto hit them with my Steelhead, Holt, Meg, and so on.

I think this list is a solid list and can cause some issues with anyone. I mean, the Mariners are POW 15 shots, and if I boost their damage roll that can get pretty painful. Sadly I think I will be able to boost one of them a round, possibly 2 because of the cost of Broadside (3 FOC), and the fact that I will likely upkeep Hot Shot (free boosted ranged damage rolls) on one of em.

The next couple of people I play I think will be facing this list. So, who is next? Barret? Mael?


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