Broadside Bart 35 Point List

So I did some updating / chaging to my Broadside Bart list. I did this after talking yet again to Gday, and reading about some of the other contracts and options available to me. I realized that I was missing a heavy melee punch, which would cause me issues with things like Retribution (who with Rahn can change my deviation) and things like Menoth with their blasted Choir. I also realized after thinking that I could not have a hard line in front of my guns because I would have to leave spaces for firing lines, as none of my guns have Arcing Fire. So, I got to thinking.

And then I saw the Highborn Convenant. I checked and I realized I had access under this contract to everything I already wanted, and some things I couldn’t get under 4 Star. So here, I present to you: Broadside Bart and the AOE Jive.

Captain Bartolo Montador
– Mariner
– Mariner
2 Sea Dog Deck Guns
Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile
First Mate Hawk
Rhupert Carvolo
Forge Guard Full Unit
Gudrun the Wanderer
– Ogrun Bokur

There are a few reasons why I went with the above. I dropped a Sea Gun as you see so I could pick up a melee “super solo” which I choose Hawk. Hawk can hide behind my Forge Guard, and when the time is right dash out and possibly threaten some of the squisher targets in my opponents back line thanks to Acrobatics. Being a weapon master with 7 SPD is nice too.

The Forge Guard are one of the major changes. With Rhupert behind them they will be Tough, and have ARM 18. With Ranked Attack I can fire right through them, meaning they can form a literal wall in front of my guns and no one is getting through em easily. Plus they are all weapon masters with reach. Its almost like having Champions, only they have no HP but there are 10 of em. Also they can help crack high armor on a charge.

I took Gudrun and a Bokur so I can threaten a flank easier, and have yet another option for tying up my enemy. Also, if you are not paying attention they can pop out of nowhere and nail you or once again hit squishy support units.

Overall I think this list will fair MUCH better then my last. I only lost 1 shot, so I can make 6 in a round with Broadside instead of 7, and when the time comes for the Jacks to enter melee well, they will still be as dangerous as before.


8 thoughts on “Broadside Bart 35 Point List

  1. I would suggest getting a mule instead of a second mariner. I find the “loader” rule can really bone you at the wrong moment if you’re not paying attention.

    That an hot shot is nicer on a 4″ AoE. :)


    1. So does Hot Shot effect the blast damage rolls or just the regular damage roll?

      Also, I was considering the mule but the range is shorter when you Broadside, because it wont get the +4 RNG for forfeiting its movement.


      1. bluecardinal

        Just a heads up, I know in MK I you could get the RNG bonus with the Mule as long as you forfeited your movement with it before you activated Bart. I’m not sure the MK II ruling so you should double check.

        Have you thought about picking up a Buccaneer? In the few times I played Bart, they were pretty good and cheap. They helped open up firing lanes to enemy casters and then my Mariner unloaded.


    1. I was actually intending to post there and throw my hat in.

      Also, I have decided to just test the crap outta the mercs until the Forces of Warmachine Mercenaries book comes out for now.

      For our game: How bout Sunday after Xmas?


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