Jumping into the Pool – 15 Points of Bart!

This is a repost of something I have posted up on the Merc forums. I am just going to post it here to save myself some time.

So I have been debating for a while on a second faction. I have my Trollbloods but with all the flux with Mk2 and the constant changes (Mulg has changed 3 times and I am tired of printing his card!) I have decided to focus my efforts on choosing a second faction.

To that end, I have chosen Mercs. Its a long story as to why, but I have decided to sell my sword, so to speak. I looked at each of the Merc warcasters and decided I wanted to start with something fun and interesting.

Enter Broadside Bart.

So today I looked at the Battlecollege listed Mk2 contracts, and came up with a Highborn Convenant Contract that I hope will work. Here is my starting 15 point list:

Broadside Bart
– Mariner (or Mule, same point value)
– Buccaneer
Min Forge Guard
Rhupert Carvolo
Like First Mate Hawk

I am gonna go over why I chose each model and some questions I have with each one as well, and I hope the collected wisdom of the Mercs around here can help me out.

Broadside Bart:
I chose him because I like his 2 spells Broadside and Batten down the Hatches. I also like his very straightforward and solid feat. He is a jack caster which I love as well, and is no slouch in melee. I do have some questions however.
1. Does Hot Shot boost the BLAST Damage rolls from an AOE? For example: I fire a shot with the Mariner, and hit for a 3in AOE. The main target gets the boosted roll, but does the blast damage as well?
2. If I use Broadside AFTER my Jacks have activated and gave up their Movement for the Aiming Bonus, do they get it again with the Broadside? My guess is no but I am just checking.
3. His feat sounds that an enemy has to move and end their movement in my CTRL area to be knocked down. How does this effect charges? If I am charged, do they get their charge attack off and THEN are knocked down, or do they get knocked down the instant the charge movement is ended? Also, if they stand still in my CTRL Area I assume they do not get knocked over, correct?

He is here to fill 3 points, and to also give me a source of Knockdown, which under Broadside I can try for twice. Also, under BDTH he gets up to ARM 19 which is crazy. A light that tough is hilarious.

Mariner or Mule:
Either choice is solid. Mariner has Range, Mule has AOE and POW. Which would you suggest and why? Also I assume the Mule would NOT get the +4 RNG if I use Broadside AFTER it Activates and ditches its movement to get it normally, correct?

She is there to hide behind the Forge Guard and pop out when ready to destroy support models. I was not sure what else to take instead of her.

Keeps the Forge Guard Tough, which is awesome. Also can grant Pathfinder if needed.

Forge Guard:
They have Ranked Attack, which lets me ignore them when drawing LOS. I assume this means I can fire THROUGH them. I want to be sure I can do this. I know I cannot MOVE through them however. Also they are a solid choice with reach, and weapon master I think.

Overall thats my idea behind the list. Basically I form up and march my way down the field, laying down fire with the jacks as needed. When I get into Melee and go and switch to BDTH and let my ARM boosted Jacks do some damage.

Also, how would you suggest expanding this to 35?


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