Ponderings, Musings, and Plans

First off, to Alex Smith of Khador Red. Sorry I missed the game on Sunday, I was busy cleaning house and completely blanked out my friend. My apologies. We will have a game, just gotta make sure I plan around it this time. The holidays have not been kind to me.

Ok now that my public apology is out of the way: I am really starting to get excited about starting a mercs force. Why you ask? Variety. Variety is the spice of life, and for me, its very important. I have ADHD, no bones about it, used to be on meds for it and the whole nine yards. For the most part I control it well, and I am actually surprised with myself that Warmachine/Hordes has held my interest for so long. Usually I lose interest in this sort of thing by now. Also, due to my ADHD, I tend to lose focus on things (like painting, BLAST YOU) and whatnot. Furthermore, things that have little variety will eventually lose interest to me and I stop liking them.

Like Trolls right now. What you say? What am I talking about?! MADNESS! Well let me explain.

I find myself trying to come up with troll lists that will be workable and I find myself constantly taking the same units. Champs, Kriel Warriors, KSB + Elder, Chronicler, Fell Caller. Beast wise its always an Axer and a heavy, usually the Mauler. That’s if I am fielding Madrak, Calandra, or Grissel. If I field Hoarluk its always an Axer and Mulg, and a second light. Then either Champs or Warriors, Fell Caller, Chronicler, and possibly another support unit. If I use Grim I see Thumper Cannons, Impalers, and a Blizter. Once again with Champs or Warriors, Fell Caller, Chronicler, and KSB.

Notice a trend? I do. Now, my friend Gdaybloke suggested trying out the Pyg units and other things like that, but to be honest I don’t really like the Pygs (sorry guys!). So I am left with the same core of units constantly, only changing out really my caster and beasts. However when I look at the other Horde armies I find roughly the same predicament. And when I look at the non Merc forces of Warmachine I find the same sort of thing. A core group of units that you always take, and then change out the jacks and casters. In fact, if you take Menoth for example I almost ALWAYS know what I am facing. Choir, Covenant, Avatar, and then build from there. My meta usually involves Bastions, Zealots, and then a few more light jacks. In fact this lack of variety is why I decided against Khador (which is now per the Mk2 Prime book pronounced KAY-DOR. Ha! I have been saying it right this whole time!). With Khador I like the following: Butcher, The jacks, and the Man o War units and Great Bears. That’s it. That’s all. Not a whole lot to work with right?

SO where does that leave me? Mercs. The casters are varied, the contracts are interesting, the Jacks are pretty varied, but where they really shine are the units and solos. There are SO MANY Options, all of which seem solid, and can be combined in a variety of ways. This is what I like. Variety. Sure, they are not the most competitive in the world but at least I won’t be shoehorned into taking the same darn stuff all the time. Like infantry for example. Depending on the contract I could take Idrians (Magnus), Forge Guard, Sea Dogs, or Steelhead. All have their place, and all are varied. That is awesome. And then there are the solos, character units, ect.

Now my pondering stems from the following. Do I keep my Trolls, or trade them on Bartertown for Mercs? Just to sort my thoughts, here are my pros and cons of trading and keeping:

Keeping the Trolls PROS:
– Have a second faction around, a hordes faction
– I do enjoy my Trollish pals
– A little more variety (and we all know how much I like this, having both a Warmachine and Hordes faction)

Keeping the Trolls CONS:
– Having to purchase more units to get the core (Kriel Warriors, Mulg)
– Always having to field the same core units to get the faction working
– Slower acquisition of the Mercs due to purchasing more units for Trolls

Trading the Trolls PROS:
– Freeing up space on my table/storage
– Getting rid of something I have not been playing
– Building up the Mercs faster

Trading the Trolls CONS:
– Losing out on a faction that I do enjoy (just not right now)
– Going down to 1 faction period, granted its a big faction
– Less variety (just Warmachine, no Hordes)

See how this can put me in a quandary? Its not like the original quandary of Cygnar vs Trolls, as I do like my Trolls. I am just bored with em. Now Gday suggests I keep at least 35 points of Trolls, but hilariously I only really have 35 points of Trolls hehe. On the plus side I do have Brun and Lug for if / when I build a Seaforge Force. So what do you all think I should do? Should I trade in the Trolls for some new wheels, or should I just slowly build up the Mercs and keep my Trolls in reserve? I will say I am leaning towards trading them in (as it will end up cheaper on my wallet).

Now, on to my plans for the Mercs right now. I already have a deal on Bartertown for this Friday, to get Broadside Bart and McNaile. I am debating switching McNaile and Hawk in my 15 point planned list, or possibly have both and just switch them depending on who I face. If I face something that can negate my shooting I will use Hawk, if not, McNaile as he can boost the RAT of my jacks to make em more accurate. I also was going to through my hat in for AlexSmiths painting challenge with my Mercs, but I have one issue: No idea how to paint flesh. None. I don’t even think I have the colors for it! I have decided however on a basic color scheme, and yet again its gonna be purple.

Other then the Forge Guard, I want my guys clothing to be Purple. Trim or highlights in Gold, and of course Metal to be well metal. I think it will look awesome and pirate-y!

Finally, I got ahold of the P3 Core Techniques DVD, and I am going to write a review of it shortly. I figure I should be a perfect test subject as I am exactly what the DVD is targeting: Painting Noobs. I shall let you know how I feel about it in the next couple of days. And wow, this post got long fast. I need to stop writing books hehe.


10 thoughts on “Ponderings, Musings, and Plans

  1. Mike

    Just happened across your blog here. As a coincidence, I happen to play both Mercs and Trolls myself! And also I am in the same boat you were – just about to ditch my Trollbloods because I was taking the same units over and over (champs, ksb, etc…). I kept them, and here’s why:

    It’s not as if the army is done. PP will expand the army in the next year most likely. You already know that a slew of new stuff will be released when the faction book comes out later this year. Presumably that’s not the end of it either. So even though you are stuck fielding the same stuff over and over, chances are that something will be released later on that will give you more options. So just shove them in a closet somewhere and let them chill out while you concentrate on getting your mercenary forces together :)


  2. Barrett Young

    I say keep the trolls. The amount you’ll get for them will be minimal, and you may begin to enjoy them again. I recommend always keeping one WM and one H faction, at the least.


    1. Barrett Young

      BTW, it has always officially been pronounced Kay-dor, so that’s nothing new. But those in the know, who still to this day follow the Fell Calls path, continue to call it Kah-dor. So, you can sell out to the man, and say Kay (and sound gay) or you can fight the power of their creator and join the resistance.

      Or, you could not care one way or the other. I, however, will continue to pronounce it as it is spelled and sounded out: Khador.


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