IK Adventures: Going Dark

So, after the last couple of days I have been thinking about things. The stuff that happened on Monday and the backlash of it have had me thinking hard.

What am I doing with myself? I am letting this game get to me. I love this game (Warmahordes) but I am finding it harder and harder to find a reason to play it. So, I have decided that at least for the time being I am going dark. What do I mean you ask?

There will be no more posts on this blog about Warmachine or Hordes. Matter of fact, I am going to be doing some changes around here, removing some stuff and update the name of the blog to something more game generic. I am going back to doing what I used to do back in the day and thats just blog about gaming in general, all forms of it. Maybe in the future I will make a return to Warmahordes blogging. Maybe I won’t.

Now, I am not getting rid of any of my stuff, but I am packing it away. Its up now in my closet, packed away till the time comes when and if I play again, or sell it. Who knows.

So for those of you who read me on IABN this will be my last post for a long while. I don’t intend to play on Vassal much if at all also.

If you do like my writing and thoughts then do keep an eye out on here. While I won’t be writing about Warmahordes, I will still be writing.

See ya later folks. Its been a blast.


Why my Local Meta Annoys me

I have this urge to post yet another rant. This time however its about my local meta and my LGS. Let me start with some things about myself. I enjoy playing in person. I really do. I like having an opponent across the table. But the issue I have run into is as follows:

They all want to play 50 point or higher games. Nothing smaller.

There is nothing wrong with that to be honest. I just personally prefer smaller point games. 35 points for example is what I like. I find that it keeps me thinking, limits my options so I have to take just the right things to make my force work. Also, smaller point games are faster.

So why does this bother me? The fact that they prefer higher point games doesn’t. Its when they heckle me to go to 50 and try to pressure me into it. Or when they pressure my friends to spend money that he really doesn’t have to go up from the battlebox. Now I did have a few good games tonight. I played 4 games, one battle box vs Dan, and then 3 more games.

1 vs Talion Charter, and I lost via a lucky net shot (which I should have scrolled to avoid) and then trashed via Freebooter.
1 vs Cryx against eDenegrha. Turn 3 kill via that teleporty trick. He was nice enough to tell me what I should have done which did help.
1 vs Circle which I WON! I had 1 HP left on pMadrak at the end of it thanks to a passed tough roll. By the end of Round 2 I had only 3 HP on Madrak. That was an INTENSE game.

All 3 of these people don’t mind low point games but do prefer higher. The others really didn’t want to play me, or my Friend Dan.

And people wonder why I prefer Vassal.

So I have decided that, at least for the time being, I am just not gonna even bother to go to the store. If all thats going to happen is me get picked on or my friend who comes with me doesn’t get to play because we just happen to prefer playing lower point games or cannot afford to spend the money to GO higher, then whats the point?

35 Points of Painted Trolls: DONE

Well 34 points, but who is really counting. I am still debating whether or not I want to paint the Swamp Gobbers for the last point. I am still not sold on them in Mk2. I think I am going to see how they work out. Anyway, in reality this is 39 points of Trolls (Both Impalers) but I will only be using 1 in the list.

So first up, what I did today: pMadrak, Elder, Chronicler

The 3 Kings

Yes I based them.  ALL of them.  Its nothing special, just sand and some crushed rocks.  I think it looks good and fits with the Blackstone Kriel.  Desert / Mountain trolls GO GO.  I tried to make Madrak a little lighter to show his albinoness but I went too heavy on the blue.  Live and learn!

And now, the GROUP SHOT!

The Blackstone Kriel

If you notice that one Champ upfront has the strange colored sand:  Its cause I tried to use some Gryphonne Sepia wash on it to see what would happen.  I followed a youtube video suggestion that said I could wash/ink the sand right after basing.  We shall see how it comes out when dried.  I dont think I like it much.

But there, 2 days ahead of schedule, I have proven to myself that I CAN PAINT THESE THINGS.

Taking a Break

So when I did my count and realized I got 3 models left, I realized I am for sure going to meet my personal deadline of Monday afternoon (around 1pm to be exact).

I also decided to give basing them a shot, and Gday gave me some quick and dirty instructions on how to do it.

So tonight, I am taking a break from the painting. Mainly cause I gotta prime the Chronicler and its 8:30pm at night where I am.

Time to play some Champions Online. Tomorrow, the final 3. And I may even do the SWAMP GOBBERS! :O

Troll Axer and Fell Caller

2 more down, 3 more models to go by Monday morning.  I think I got this, and I think the Axer is my best work now to date.  I am very happy with him.

The Axer and the Fell Caller from the Front
And a back shot. Whelps are a tasty treat!
The Axer is smiling. That cannot be good
I think I need to call a dentist for this guy.

So yea there ya go.  All thats left is:

Stone Scribe Elder
Stone Scribe Chronicler

And then I will have a full 35 point force.

Painting is NOT EASY

Ok I gotta get this off my chest. This is going to be a rant, and its gonna be unpleasant but you know what? I need to say something about this.

You have been warned!
Ok, here it goes. I hate painting these blasted minis. Yea that’s right, I don’t enjoy it. In fact the only reason I am doing it is because I like the end result, the things that actually LOOK like something that is alive rather then a metal figure. But the process, the painting itself, frustrates me. Why you may ask? Because I am a perfectionist. Sure, I tell my friend Dan who is painting that he shouldn’t worry about making mistakes, but he is a much better painter then me straight out the gate. If you compare his Warpwolf to my Mauler you will see a HUGE difference in skill level. That frustrates me. Why? He is so blasted GOOD at it with no practice! And I have had a bit of practice and I STILL am bad by comparison! So I have been asking a variety of people for suggestions (and no I am not gonna name names) and for the most part they have been helpful, save for one thing.

Nearly every one of em acts like its so damn easy to paint. Well, for them, IT IS. They all have had loads of practice and whatnot doing this. Me, I got a grand total of 15 models under my belt. An Orc Warboss from WHFB (you can see it in the last pictures I took, and it took me 4 hours), the KSB, 2 Impalers, my Mauler, and now my Champions. That’s it. That’s ALL. Sure, I watched the P3 painting DVD and whatnot, and while I grasp things at a conceptual level I do not have the skills or practice to put them into use. Drybrushing, which is supposedly really easy to do, I fail at. Miserably I might add. When I tried it I did nothing more then repaint things in the color. I thought I had gotten most of the paint off the brush, but apparently I did not.

Highlighting? I get the concept, again. Just paint the raised areas. But then I run into the problem of How far down? How much paint? What color? How on earth do I tell what is a raise area of a relatively flat surface?! Again, when I tried I did nothing more then repaint everything (on my KSB which HAS obvious raised areas) and then on the skin of my mauler. I have issues telling what’s raise on something so blasted small.

It also doesn’t help that I am really clumsy. Just ask someone who knows me sometime. I trip over my own damn feet just walking sometimes. Its crazy. Oh and never ask me to go skating. I refuse to do that anymore after the last time where me, the wall, and the floor because BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!

So all you painters out there who are excellent, I applaud you. You are damn good at what you do. But for people like me, I am just not that great. I mean the Mauler is my best work to date, and it still is miles behind Dan’s Warpwolf. In fact, here I will put them up side by side just so you can see what I am talking about:

Dans Warpwolf and My Mauler

See? I have no idea how he did it, and when I asked him all he could tell me was “think about points of light.” Am I angry at Dan? No, why should I be? He understands what he is doing because he has that mindset and is just an artsy guy (he also is in school for graphic design). I am angry at myself for not getting what apparently SHOULD be so damn easy. I am not a stupid person but damnit when it comes to this I feel like a real idiot! And when I ask people for help they make me feel even stupider sometimes as they act like doing some of this stuff is the easiest thing in the world and I have no excuse for not being able to do it. Sorry guys. Maybe I am just that stupid, who knows?

So for all the people who have helped me and gave me tips I do thank you. I really honestly do. I would not have gotten to where I am NOW without the help. But I am done asking for help I think. I am sick of being made to feel like an idiot afterwards (and I know its unintentional guys, so don’t feel bad). I really am. Now I am gonna go back to painting things MY WAY. It may not have highlights, or drybrushing, or anything fancy like that. But at least I like the look of em. I feel slightly better now.

Oh and this IS NOT A REQUEST FOR HELP! I want NO MORE Help. All that is happening is I am getting 9 different ways to do something, getting myself more confused and thus MORE Frustrated.