Converting Warmahordes to HeroScape!

Ok I know this is marked as Iron Agenda, and that is because this post has to do with Warmachine and Hordes, but in a slightly different sense then you know. Recently I got ahold of an old board game of mine that I had left at a friends house called HeroScape. This game was made by Hasbro, and recently has been taken over by Wizards of the Coast, and is touted as a Build and Battle game. I figured by now the game would have died but surprisingly its been going strong, with new expansions and units coming out. Matter of fact a new “Master Set” came out on January 4th of this year, with Dungeons and Dragons inspired Terrain and models.

The best way to describe HeroScape is “Wargaming Lite”. You have premade hex grid tiles that you combine to create terrain, and there is enough that you can create fairly large maps (or just get more terrain packs!). You should look up some that people build with multiple sets. Its crazy. You and your opponent(s) each have a squad built around a point value if you are playing with the Advanced rules, and you have an objective to complete. The stats are really simple (HP, Movement, Attack, Defense, and Height) and each model or unit (yes you have units) can have special rules that give them bonuses. Attack and Defense are done with die rolls using special Attack and Defense dice. Very quick and easy to pick up. And what surprised me was the amount of modding that people have done with custom created content. So, I got to thinking: How can I expand my HeroScape stuff WITHOUT spending money and give people some new content?

One of the Configurations with a single Master Set

CONVERT MY WARMAHORDES STUFF! Yes that’s right, take my Hordes stuff (Trolls and whatnot) and create a whole new group of dudes to use. Since there are no “factions” I can simply convert it model for model and bam I have a whole new group of stuff to use.

So, to do this, lets take a look at the stats each game uses.

Warmachine / Hordes:
Special Rules
Damage Boxes

Attack Dice
Defense Dice
Height (this is special!)
Special Rules

Fairly close to each other right? Well, how would I convert from the Warmachine/Hordes system to HeroScape?

Covert SPD to Movement
Give RNG to Units based on if they have ranged attacks or not
Convert MAT/RAT/Weapon into Attack Dice
Convert DEF to Defense Dice
Convert ARM/Damage Boxes to HP (not a straight conversion)
Height is gonna be estimated

Give 1 or 2 special rules based on unit specials/spells/feats

Lets start with a sample of one of the Warrior Models, a Warcaster.

Sample: Madrak Ironhide, Chieftain of the Thornwood
Height 5
Movement 4
Attack Dice 5
Defense Dice 4
HP 6

Special Rules:
– Surefoot: All friendly models in clear line of sight and 4 spaces of Madrak get +2 Defense Dice. This does not apply to Madrak
– Crusher: When Madrak destroys an adjacent enemy model with an attack he may move 1 square and make a second attack. This has no limit.

The idea behind this change is the following: Madrak is slow as far as Warmahordes goes, and the base speed in HeroScape seems to be 5. So it follows to make this true to knock him down a bit to a 4. He can throw his axe at RNG 8, so I cut it down to a Range 5, meaning he can make an attack against something he can see in 5 hexes. I am considering giving him a version of Tough (since they use a d20 in this game it could work) but I am not sure. Height is based on the average height for human
sized models that this game uses.

The 2 specials are to represent what most people know about Madrak. His spell Surefoot, and his feat. To make sure that the spell worked like similar effects in this game, I gave it a permanent effect but it doesn’t effect him. And then I gave him his feat Crusher as a regular ability. I want to see how he works, and I need to point cost him appropriately of course.

Now lets try a unit, and see if I can get it to work. The trick with units is that all the models only have 1 HP.

Sample: Trollkin Champions
Unit Size 3
Height 5
Movement 4
RNG 1 (this means melee only)
Attack Dice 3
Defense Dice 5

Special Rules:
– Hand Weapons: Each model may make 2 attacks.
– Tough: When a model in this unit takes enough damage to be destroyed, roll the D20. On a roll of 17 or higher the model is not destroyed.

I think this would be a solid conversion and follow the spirit of the Champions. By having 5 Defensive Dice they are hard to kill (although still killable!) and having a version of Tough shows just hard hard they are. Giving them a low attack dice but 2 attacks represents the new Mk2 versions of them.

Finally, lets try a Warbeast!

Sample: Dire Troll Mauler
Height 6 (bigger then your average dude)
Movement 4
Attack Dice 6
Defense Dice 4
HP 6

Special Rules:
– Snacking: When this model destroys an adjacent enemy it automatically heals 1 HP
– Rage: After movement, but before attacking, you may roll the D20. On a 15 or higher this model gains 2 attack dice but loses 1 defense dice till the beginning of the next round.

This might be a bit much, but it was either give it two attacks or give it Rage. I think Rage would be a bit more balanced (with the negative defense) and of course giving it a high point cost will help as well. Normally in Warmahordes Snacking only triggers on living models, but there is no designation in this game, so I just left it as is. Also, given that one of the standard models has 4 attack dice (and RNG 7 withan Area of Effect attack) and then 9 Defense Dice (but only 1 HP) I think this is a good trade.

I think I am going to be able to go through everyone I have except maybe the KSB and the Elder and get them converted. I am also going to convert my friend Dan’s Circle stuff that he has to give him some options beyond the standard stuff. I think the biggest thing is going to be point cost. I am going to have to look at some of the current models I have and compare the point values based on their stats to what I am making. Also there are some complicated models in later expansions, so I am gonna try to make some of the models more interesting, like Calandra for instance.


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