Bart vs Kaelyssa – 15 Points

So a few nights ago me and AstrayPenguin of Yellow Dice had a Vassal Game. We had chatted via AIM for a while and finally got around to having a match, and it was alot of fun, albiet a bit slow due to no skype. Get your Mic fixed Penguin hehe.

Anyway! I ran the following, and in retrospect I really should not have.

Broadside Bart
– Mariner
– Mariner
– Buccaneer

Here is why I should NOT have used that. 2 Mariners with 1 Warrior Model means they have to stay near me to fire. Otherwise, they are just gonna be melee jacks and I have a slight better choice in the Freebooters for that. In fact what I should have run was the following:

Broadside Bart
– Mariner
– Freebooter
– Freebooter

Thats 3 heavy jacks, only 1 that needs to the help to fire and 2 melee jacks with 2 attacks each.

Penguin ran the following Kaelyssa nonsense:

– Griffin
– Hydra
– Hydra

When I saw that I shuddered. 2 Hydra’s, blah. That was going to be rough. Also I knew Kaelyssa could pull some crazy stuff. Now this game I had a chance of winning, but poor rolls caused me grief. The best part was when I crushed his Griffin with a Mariner.

Round 1:

We both advanced, and he dumped focus on both Hydra and 1 on the Griffin. I just had each jack run, knowing that hitting the Hydra would just make them worse. In retrospect I should have fired at them, as I could have cracked their ARM (18) with my POW 14. He ran his Griffin and moved into the forest. I also used Batten Down the Hatches.

Round 2:

He took a few shots, and I believe he feated here so I could not shoot him. He had gotten his Griffin into melee with both my Mariners as well, so it would not have mattered unless I trashed the jack. He also moved up his Hydra and took a few shots at Bart, and hit and did some damage. I took a few shots at the jack in melee with my Mariners and did some damage, but not enough to take it out. I moved my Buccaneer into melee with both Hydras (thanks reach!) so they could not shoot anymore. And then I popped MY feat, and Battened those Hatches down again.

Round 3:

Not a whole lot happened. He couldnt move his Hydra without them getting knocked over, and the Griffin was making attacks at -3.
Kaelyssa moved out and took a shot though and ended up hitting the Griffin with an Arcantrik Bolt making it stationary. Pretty sure she missed her other shots. My Mariners trashed the Griffin thanks to it being stationary, and I took a shot with Broadside at Kaelyssa with the second Mariner. Missed and forgot to deviate this one (DOH!). I also cast Batten Down the Hatches and used my Buccaneer to try to hurt one of the Hydra.

Round 4:

I don’t remember much of what happened save for LOTS of throwing. He threw my jacks around like rag dolls, took a shot or two with Kaelyssa and put more damage on Bart. I took 2 shots at Kaelyssa with the Mariner who could and ended up only doing about 6 damage to her thanks to a deviated AOE. My Buccaneer did nothing.

Round 5:

He killed me. Plain and simple :P And I failed Bart’s tough roll. Once again more throwing shennagins happened as well.

Overall I realized the issue was the fact that I had only 2 heavies. The buccaneer is not the best jack I could have taken and I really
should have had 2 Freebooters. Next time I play a 15 point game against anyone I am gonna try out a list that Mael suggested. Shae, 3 Freebooters, and a Buccaneer. Oh yea. That list will be silly. Just imagine, put Storm Rager on either a jack or Shae, and put Phantom on either Shae or a different jack. Then, just cast Coup de Main to get the drop on my enemy.

I will get those 3 heavies in their face before they can BLINK.

I will say I enjoyed how tough Bart made my jacks, but he really does want Heavies with him. I was a bit afraid to get him into melee, and maybe I should have. He is MAT 7 PS 14 after all, which has a slightly better chance to hit Kaelyssa and her blasted DEF 16 then my jacks did (unless they aimed). After doing my write up about Shae though…I am really starting to like how he looks. So thats why the next game will be 15 point Mangled Metal with Shae. And following Gday’s advice I am planning my 15 point list so that I can simply add 10 more points and make it a 25 point list. IE a List to Grow with.


2 thoughts on “Bart vs Kaelyssa – 15 Points

    1. I don’t even own 50 points of stuff.

      I might though. I will have to count it up. I will talk to my wife. Maybe I will show up. If I do though it will be with a really crappy 50 point Trollblood force lol


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