Last Minute Painting for the Challenge!

So yea, I have been extremely busy (with Vassal games, running around, being sick, cleaning, ect) and have not had alot of time to paint, but as of this evening and on Monday evening I was able to get some paint on the Mauler, and truth be told I am happy with the job. Sure, its nothing more then a base coat of color and then a wash, but I am going for something that looks good on a table not a display piece! I did try to figure out how to do highlights on Skin but…I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL I AM DOING so I just decided to go with a base coat and go from there. I rather like the dark purple skin.

This is of course done for the Khador Red Painting Challenge and I hope to get a head start on my next group which will be the Champions for the next two weeks. I should have a better shot though as I will be taking the last week in January off with PTO to have some ME time and relax. Gonna play alot of Champions Online during that time too (if you play, I am @Stomphoof).

So anyway without further ado, here is my Mauler, in all his Purple glory:


4 thoughts on “Last Minute Painting for the Challenge!

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  2. looking good man :)
    Lofty’s patented highlighting/shading method – Wash him as he is and let it dry. Paint all but the recessed areas in the original base colour, let it dry, add some white to the original base colour and to the raised areas. If you think it needs it, hit it with the wash again, let it dry and dot some white on a few really raised areas. Hope this helps you out :) can be tricky to get the hang of, I’m still elarnign too!


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