Warpwolf by Dan

My friend Dan, who I have spoken about before, has started painting his stuff with me.  It helps motivate me personally, and it also gets him out of his house and doing something.  And let me tell you:  For someone who has never painted a mini till now the boy is GOOD.

Here is his completed Warpwolf.  He, without any help, already has figured out how to do Highlights and I showed him how to do a wash.  Its a very good miniature for his first and he took a bit of time on it.  Much better then any of mine so far.  You might say why don’t I have him show me how to do Highlights?  Well he doesn’t explain very well (Sorry dude!) and he just has an intrinsic grasp of it.  I think its cause he is in school to be a Graphic Designer and is kinda artsy.

I am not.  Without further ado, here is the Warpwolf!


2 thoughts on “Warpwolf by Dan

  1. Mrs: Ileana Thomas

    Hiya Clayton, this is Dan’s Mom from Wales, Uk.Thank you and all your family for being such lovely friends to my son Danny. He is indeed an artsy type of dude.Cheers.


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