The Craziest Plan I have ever Had!

Ok so it appears (at least to me) that Alex of Khador Red is MIA or is waiting on someone to get some stuff in for the Painting Challenge, so I got a new “plan” for myself. You see, I am taking the last week in
this month of January off from work with Paid Time Off. That means from basically the 23rd to the 31st I won’t be having to do ANYTHING work related. This means I can at least get MY brand of painting done. My brand of course is a base coat and a wash right now, but hey its a start right?

So what is this plan I am talking about? Well, Monday nights at my FLGS is Warmahordes night, and since I will be having a Monday off as part of this huge vacation (granted I gotta do Bloodwork that morning, ew) I figured I would see if I could come with a 35 point list and get it painted BEFORE THAT DAY. Crazy? I think so given my speed at painting, but I think I can pull it off.

So the list I was thinking of taking would be the following. I would ONLY take the following list. Its a throwback to the classic Madrak Brick from the days of Mk1 and its what I started with. I figured since I am having an issue relearning my Trolls I might as well go with the classic brick that I started with.

pMadrak (6)
– Mauler 9
– Axer 6 (0 using WB Points)
– Impaler 5
Champions 10
KSB Max 4
– Elder 1
Fell Caller 3
Chronicler 2

34 Points

Seems pretty solid if you ask me. I just gotta play it like a brick, and being able to have the KSB run and use the Aura will of course speed me up a bit. Now I am not sure if I should be running 3 beasts, but I worry that if I run only 2 and I get one taken out that will hamper my fury generation. I can easily replace the Impaler with Horthol as I do own him. But given my painting goal and the fact that as of right now I am working on BOTH my Impalers (yes I already started) I would prefer to use the Impaler.

So, this is what I got unpainted out of that list:


Fell Caller

Not a whole lot, given that both Impalers are being worked on and just need the Metals done, and some clean up before a wash. Given that I am doing a basic “base coat + wash” system I think I can get this done by the end of the week. I did also have one other idea regarding my Kriel Stone Bearers. A few of the comments I have received when people see em is that I should give em a wash. Well at the time I had actually given them a wash, but at the suggestion of a guy at my FLGS I had watered down the wash slightly which from what it appears caused the other colors beyond the black to be barely visible. I was thinking of just rewashing the whole unit in Badab Black to give them that shading.

What do you all think of that idea? You can see images of them over in the sidebar for now (although I may be changing that) and I agree, they almost look like they have NOT been washed. So I am thinking a rewash in just black would help. I am gonna have to do their teeth, mouths, and eyes too. God I suck at eyes hehe.

So do you all think the list is solid? Any suggestions? I do own Gobbers but I don’t have any green paint so unless I feel like my
goblins a different color they won’t be used to fill that last point.

Suggestions? Ideas? Thoughts on rewashing the KSB?

If I do this, I am gonna paint them in the following order – Finish Impalers, move to Champs and rewash KSB at same time, Axer, Elder, Fell Caller, Chronicler, and finally pMadrak. Gobbers would be dead last if used at all and I can find a skin color that works for them.


Tell me what you Think

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