Trollkin Champions

The picture says it all:


Next up?  The Axer and the Fell Caller.

So far done for my Monday goal?

KSB, Impaler, Champions.

Left to go?  pMadrak, Axer, Fell Caller, Chronicler, Stone Scribe Elder

I think I got this.


3 thoughts on “Trollkin Champions

  1. A Concerned Viewer

    Seriously? You consider these finished models?

    There’s no detail whatsoever with these. It’s like you base-coated them black and then put on a single gloss coat, using 3 colors at best.

    No dry-brushing, no accenting the armor, no attention paid to little things like the bolts on your axes. Nope, silver. Everything silver. Oh that’s skin? Ok, Cygnar Blue!

    C’mon man, spend a little more than 5 minutes painting a model. It should take you a day PER MODEL to consider this being ‘tabletop worthy’.


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