35 Points of Painted Trolls: DONE

Well 34 points, but who is really counting. I am still debating whether or not I want to paint the Swamp Gobbers for the last point. I am still not sold on them in Mk2. I think I am going to see how they work out. Anyway, in reality this is 39 points of Trolls (Both Impalers) but I will only be using 1 in the list.

So first up, what I did today: pMadrak, Elder, Chronicler

The 3 Kings

Yes I based them.  ALL of them.  Its nothing special, just sand and some crushed rocks.  I think it looks good and fits with the Blackstone Kriel.  Desert / Mountain trolls GO GO.  I tried to make Madrak a little lighter to show his albinoness but I went too heavy on the blue.  Live and learn!

And now, the GROUP SHOT!

The Blackstone Kriel

If you notice that one Champ upfront has the strange colored sand:  Its cause I tried to use some Gryphonne Sepia wash on it to see what would happen.  I followed a youtube video suggestion that said I could wash/ink the sand right after basing.  We shall see how it comes out when dried.  I dont think I like it much.

But there, 2 days ahead of schedule, I have proven to myself that I CAN PAINT THESE THINGS.


7 thoughts on “35 Points of Painted Trolls: DONE

  1. Finishing the bases really complete the model. And it doesn’t take much (like you discovered) to make them look good. It feels better when you pull out a fully painted force and put them on the table. Makes all the work worthwhile.


  2. Nice work Clay. They look very coherant. Now tell me it’s not satisfying to field a fully painted force!

    The painting gets easier from here. Want a new force? Paint another warlock. Want to add a solo, just go a paint it. From here on you’re only adding a couple of miniatures at a timto grow the army.




      Ok I lie.

      And yea, I was just thinking about all that. I have the basic “core” of my army done. Of course, adding units is gonna be a pain (oh god Kriel Warriors 0_o)


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