Why my Local Meta Annoys me

I have this urge to post yet another rant. This time however its about my local meta and my LGS. Let me start with some things about myself. I enjoy playing in person. I really do. I like having an opponent across the table. But the issue I have run into is as follows:

They all want to play 50 point or higher games. Nothing smaller.

There is nothing wrong with that to be honest. I just personally prefer smaller point games. 35 points for example is what I like. I find that it keeps me thinking, limits my options so I have to take just the right things to make my force work. Also, smaller point games are faster.

So why does this bother me? The fact that they prefer higher point games doesn’t. Its when they heckle me to go to 50 and try to pressure me into it. Or when they pressure my friends to spend money that he really doesn’t have to go up from the battlebox. Now I did have a few good games tonight. I played 4 games, one battle box vs Dan, and then 3 more games.

1 vs Talion Charter, and I lost via a lucky net shot (which I should have scrolled to avoid) and then trashed via Freebooter.
1 vs Cryx against eDenegrha. Turn 3 kill via that teleporty trick. He was nice enough to tell me what I should have done which did help.
1 vs Circle which I WON! I had 1 HP left on pMadrak at the end of it thanks to a passed tough roll. By the end of Round 2 I had only 3 HP on Madrak. That was an INTENSE game.

All 3 of these people don’t mind low point games but do prefer higher. The others really didn’t want to play me, or my Friend Dan.

And people wonder why I prefer Vassal.

So I have decided that, at least for the time being, I am just not gonna even bother to go to the store. If all thats going to happen is me get picked on or my friend who comes with me doesn’t get to play because we just happen to prefer playing lower point games or cannot afford to spend the money to GO higher, then whats the point?


14 thoughts on “Why my Local Meta Annoys me

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  2. poncho

    im going to have to agree with chris on this one. trying to help you expand your horizons to a bigger point cost shouldnt be taken as peer pressure. it lets you use different units that would be too expensive or just not optimal to take in a small point game. for instance, in khador, it would typically not be wise to bring a behemoth in a 35 pt game. its just too damn expensive.

    and likewise, the reason we talk to dan about expanding from a battle box to an army is because a battle box is supposed to be a small and manageable army for you to play your first few games with so you learn the rules and provide a decent base so you can expand your army from there.

    bottom line, we just want you guys to try bigger games so you can play different strategies and use different units so the game is still new and exciting. you can see what casters are good for which kind of army and which scenario. were not trying to shove shit down your throat and im sorry you think we do.


    1. A 35 point game encourages you to extend your horizons by having to plan a much tighter force and accept that you can’t field the best stuff or the big, exciting pieces. If you’ve been playing lots of big games and getting into a same-old, same-old rut, downshifting can increase variety for you.

      I’ve been the Clayton in this situation before, with other systems. I like to start out a new game or new faction with smallish forces so I can learn how things tick without having to worry about the “your big expensive thing does WHAT” factor present in larger games. I also like to play smaller games in general, mostly because games happen in the evening and I am very much a morning person – my ability to handle lots of factors and decisions plummets after about four p/m.

      The local meta was not encouraging. In fact, the local meta out and out refused to play anything other than the tournament standard size for that system, and so if I wanted a game I had to borrow pieces I didn’t know how to use, play a game size I wasn’t equipped to handle with a list thrown together from stuff that didn’t necessarily work but was what was going spare, and generally had a miserable old time of it. It ruined that particular system for me, and put me off shop gaming for quite a while to boot.

      I’m not saying you guys are that bad (particularly since some of you are willing to downshift to 35), but you might be having a similar effect on Clayton here to that which my meta had on me. A little variety in your games ain’t gonna kill you (and I think there *is* a distinct change between 35 and 50 points – you may surprise yourself).


  3. Barrett Young

    I don’t mean to jump on the bandwagon here, Clayton, but I think you’re looking at this the wrong way. How about: Wow, I sure am lucky to have an LGS nearby that has so many people willing to play WM/H.

    I don’t have that. The nearest store is an hour away, and has no regular crowd. At the most, I can get 2-3 other people there one Saturday a month. And if someone is the odd man out, he probably won’t come back again because he sat around watching all afternoon. So, I play whenever I can against my one friend who plays. But I only ever play against Menoth.

    So, it’s not as bad as it can be. Consider yourself lucky.


  4. Chris

    Ooooh, what a nasty post. Slamming your local meta in a self recognized ‘rant’ is something I find destructive.

    Unfortunately, I disagree with you almost point for point and don’t think you can lump everyone into the same category based on the perceived actions of a few.

    “They all want to play 50 point or higher games. Nothing smaller.”
    “All 3 of these people don’t mind low point games but do prefer higher.”

    About half of the available crowd was willing to play you. The rest were either already had games lined up or just simply didn’t feel like playing. It definitely wasn’t a “Lets not play Clayton thing”.

    “Its when they heckle me to go to 50 and try to pressure me into it.”

    Yipes! Your going to have to grow some some thicker skin. Faster. Much faster. The ‘heckling’ I saw was some good natured ribbing accompanied by the trash talking that happens when you get a bunch of friends together in one room.

    “And people wonder why I prefer Vassal.”

    IMHO playing in real life is much much more rewarding than vassal is. At the very least it will help you get better at guessing ranges :P

    “So I have decided that, at least for the time being, I am just not gonna even bother to go to the store”

    Thats probably the most insulting part to me. You’re basically saying “These guys are dicks. I’m not going back”.



    1. Before you got there dude I basically got “ribbed” repeatedly about the fact that I ain’t playing 50 points. And Dan keeps getting pressured and pressured to buy more stuff.

      Thats not really fun for either of us.

      And yes people were willing to play against me but not without some grumbling about the 35 point level.

      Granted you are right there are a few people who don’t mind and just like to play and I know most of em by name. You, Johng, Adrian, Adam. The other people there really didnt’ seem all that interested in a 35 point game. And that part doesn’t bug me. But when I make it clear early on that I am playing 35 points and that is what I want to play I don’t really appreciate being “ribbed”. And it didn’t come off that way to me.


      1. Goldstep

        My locals have an issue where they frighten off people who are starting for this reason. I try to remind them that unless they are choosing a points value, discussing how a new player isn’t painting fast enough or playing with large enough armies is bad form.

        In other words:
        Yes it is uncouth of them to taunt you for playing lower.
        But don’t confuse a comment singularly from each as taunting.

        They should be more polite about it. Ribbing you is bad form. And being unwilling to play with a new player just because he’s still learning his battlebox is bad form as well. We were all new once.

        But if when you ask for a game, the other guy says, “Why not 50? That’s for real men,” or some similar shite, he isn’t taunting yet.
        And the next guy who speaks in the same vein doesn’t know he’s adding insult to insult. Separate events. Clear them in your mind.

        If they are actually ganging up on you two or won’t let it drop after a “Sorry, all I brought today.” I’d say you are in the right. It’s a game. Play for fun. If the abuse is more than the fun, screw that.


        1. See its not people I am playing against who make the comments about the 35 points vs 50. Its everyone around us. Monday anytime I mentioned 35 points one guy would yell “Bushleagues!” which got really old really fast.

          I dont mind discussing point levels and whatnot but when people who I am not having a match with make those comments then I just get annoyed.


          1. jagavahn

            It’s “Busch League”, bushleague would insinuate some sort of lawn care deal.

            Clayton, no one would be giving you such a hard time if you weren’t so damn vocal and opinionated. If you are speaking like a “big boy” expect to be replied to like a “big boy”.

            As for not coming to store, no biggie. The LGS, which I run, is a business. In order for us to stay open we need customers who support us, not those who get almost everything from an online retailer and actively encourage others to do the same.

            So, enjoy vassal.

            “35 points is Busch League”–John Vega


            1. While I can appreciate the negative sentiment that a retailer might have towards a regular who is purchasing elsewhere, I’m bemused by the statement that to be a “big boy” you have to play at a certain point level.

              The vast bulk of games at my FLGS are at the 35pt level, because we’d rather get 2-3 games in in one evening’s play than just a single game, and we have some very excellent players who can mix it up at all levels quite happily.


              1. The funny thing – I can count what I purchased online:

                Mauler, Horthol, Brun and Lug, and 1 copy of NQ

                I got the rest of my trolls from a friend who also plays at that store.


  5. Penguin

    If you leave and throw a hissy fit then nothing changes. You should just go in and play games you’re comfortable with. No one is forcing you to buy models or play 50 point games, act like an adult and just say “Fuck you bitches, you’re all faggots”, it seems to be abput the level they are communicating on any way.


    1. Actually I tried talking to them. They don’t get it.

      And you are right, no one is forcing me. But if I don’t have people to play against then whats the point? Its not like I am close to this place.


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