IK Adventures: Going Dark

So, after the last couple of days I have been thinking about things. The stuff that happened on Monday and the backlash of it have had me thinking hard.

What am I doing with myself? I am letting this game get to me. I love this game (Warmahordes) but I am finding it harder and harder to find a reason to play it. So, I have decided that at least for the time being I am going dark. What do I mean you ask?

There will be no more posts on this blog about Warmachine or Hordes. Matter of fact, I am going to be doing some changes around here, removing some stuff and update the name of the blog to something more game generic. I am going back to doing what I used to do back in the day and thats just blog about gaming in general, all forms of it. Maybe in the future I will make a return to Warmahordes blogging. Maybe I won’t.

Now, I am not getting rid of any of my stuff, but I am packing it away. Its up now in my closet, packed away till the time comes when and if I play again, or sell it. Who knows.

So for those of you who read me on IABN this will be my last post for a long while. I don’t intend to play on Vassal much if at all also.

If you do like my writing and thoughts then do keep an eye out on here. While I won’t be writing about Warmahordes, I will still be writing.

See ya later folks. Its been a blast.


11 thoughts on “IK Adventures: Going Dark

  1. Quixotic

    Hey man, it gets tough sometimes. Take a break and if you choose to come back to it, do so. It’s a game that is supposed to be fun right? If it stops being fun, then it’s time for a break!

    I play WARMACHINE and HORDES but I also play other games too. D&D, HEROSCAPE, and such.

    Don’t be a stranger!

    – Rich


  2. You make me sad.

    You make me sad because I’ve seen a shop meta do this to a person (every time I look in a mirror and think about WFB), and because I’ve stopped painting in disgust at my abilities and the jangling, ill-meshing advice I was being given without asking for it.

    That said, a break did me good, and so (logically speaking) it will do you good too. You’re doing the right thing by standing back from games and situations that annoy you rather than dragging yourself through it week after week and generating Angst. Good luck.


  3. Barrett Young

    That’s a bummer. Sorry it got to you. I said you were lucky in the last post to have an LGS, but if that is what happens when too many people get competitive, I’m glad it’s just me and my buddy. Our games are casual, slow, with snacks, in his living room. Sure, I only play Menoth, but I also don’t ever want to stop playing, because it’s just a game between friends.

    I think that was why I liked Fell Calls. You got the sense that Warmachine was just something the friends did. They were friends first, gamers second. Get it the other way around and it is no longer a game.

    I still wanna try for a game on Vassal someday.


    1. Fell Calls was great for that when it started. Towards the end, I think they didn’t really care about the game at all and were just doing the podcast because it was what they did. Their Mark Two coverage was just plain sloppy (I like live reaction ‘casts, but if you’re reading something for the first time on air and a question comes up, go and look – don’t create an assumption that might be someone’s first contact with a thing, because that assumption will stick and might be wrong), and I think that might have been the moment where they realised it wasn’t worth doing any more.

      Although man, you’ve made me want to hunt out some Fell Calls now. I’d gotten off that wagon. Damn you.


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