Improved RW Cobbler Deck – Holy Fire

I am calling it holy fire after what I did tonight. I drove down to a nearby Games shop that just recently appeared near my house. And I mean, like, 5 minutes away. Which is cool. So I went up there, spent $20 and bought 6 boosters. Now I wanted 3 M10 and 3 Worldwake, but I got 3 Zendikar instead. And Got a foil UW Dual Land (the one that comes into play tapped unless you have a Plains or Island in play), and a Lotus Cobra and a few other things.

So, seeing as how I really did not need them, I said goodbye and got more packs. And got a few more fun things! So in the end of my trading I ended up spending $20 and getting 13 Packs. 7 M10, 3 Worldwake, and 3 Zendikar.

Thanks to those, I was able to rebuild and make my RW Deck a bit better. Here is what I have now. I call it Holy Fire.

12 Plain
2 Sejiri Steepe
9 Mountain
1 Terramorphic Expanse

24 Lands

1 Darksteel Colossus
1 Skitter of Lizards
2 Goblin Bushwacker
1 Bladetusk Board
1 Mordant Dragon
3 Soul Warden
3 Serra Angel
3 Silvercoat Lion
1 Kor Firewalker
1 White Knight

17 Creatures

1 Honor the Pure
1 Ajani Goldmane
3 Armored Ascension
1 Journey to Nowhere
1 Solemn Offering
1 Act of Treason
1 Burning Inquiry
1 Punishing Fire
1 Burst Lightning
2 Lightning Bolt
2 Searing Blaze
1 Gorgan Flail
1 Dragon’s Claw
1 Hammer of Ruin
1 Expedition Map

19 Spells/Artifacts

The Darksteel Colossus is there just because I want to see what it can do. That and giving it Armored Ascension would be HILARIOUS.


My 1st Complete Deck – RW Cobbler!

I am calling it Cobbler because, well, I cobbled it together from what I have to work with. Oddly enough however I think it will work pretty well, I have a solid base of creatures, some decent removal and a few other goodies. I just wanted to post my list up here. Its mostly White, with a splash of Red.

6 Mountain
15 Plains
2 Teetering Peaks
1 Terramorphic Expanse

1 Hammer of Ruin
1 Dragon’s Claw

1 Viashino Spearhunter
1 Dragon Whelp
1 Geyser Glider
1 Fiery Hellhound
1 Mordant Dragon
1 Lightwielder Paladin
2 Serra Angel
1 Kor Cartographer
2 Palace Guard
2 Silvercoat Lion
1 Kor Firewalker
2 Veteran Armorsmith
1 Kor Skyfisher
1 Elite Vanguard
2 Soul Warden

1 Chain Reaction
1 Trumpet Blast
1 Act of Treason
2 Searing Blaze
1 Lightning Bolt
2 Armored Ascension
1 Join the Ranks
1 Divine Verdict
1 Guardian Zendikon
1 Narrow Escape
1 Honor the Pure
2 Pacifism
2 Righteousness

Nothing fancy, just some speed, some buffing, some removal. A little bit of everything based on what I had.

Headfirst into the Abyss

So, last night after a rather…annoying day at work, I decided to go ahead and grab some MtG Cards and go play. A nearby store, called CoolStuffGames was having a boardgame night, but also apparently had a regular group come in to play Magic each week as well. So, I went over there. When I got there the place was PACKED with people. I got lucky to find a seat so I could crack open my packs (crack, hehe) and start building a deck. Now, I don’t remember exactly what was in this deck, but it was a RW Hodgepodge of stuff from the 2010 Intro Pack (We are Legion) and the Worldwake intro Pack (Rapid Fire) which both were RW packs, and the boosters that came with them.

Now, I expected to be ignored, however a guy who recognized me from nearly 8 years ago came over and started talking to me. Next thing I know these 7 or so people are trying to arrange it so I could get in a group game. I ended up playing against 3 guys named Mike, Chris, and Frankie. Mike played a RW Deck like me, and like me was new to the game (although I think he was REALLY new, unlike me), Chris was playing a Kor deck (all white, Kor creatures, so they buffed each other) and Frankie was playing some RBG deck with Terminates, Vampires, and Blightnings.

They knew I had just cobbled my deck together, but they were surprised at how well I was doing. So was I to be honest. I had a 5/5 Flyer who was Pro Red on the board, who gave me life for each red spell cast. It was hilarious. Mike had played a Mordent Dragon but couldn’t attack me because I could not only stop it, but kill it. The little guy was only that big cause of Armored Ascension, and would get bigger the more plains I played (sadly I only ever got 3 plains, despite 14 being in the deck! >.<)

The best thing I did was when I used a card called "Act of Treason" to steal Mike's Mordent Dragon and then send it at Frankie, who had a 2/3 Vamp out with Flying, Deathtouch, and Lifesteal (or whatever its called). I intended to get both threats off the board but Mike just cast Lightning Bolt on the Vamp, letting Frankie take 5. He didn't want to lose his Dragon. But everyone was amazed I pulled something like that out. So was I to be honest lol.

So overall I had alot of fun. And I will be going back, probably once a week to play. I am gonna start slowly, buying 2-3 boosters every payday to build up my collection. The guys I played against have a Forum and Podcast called Avant Card Show and I joined up. They were also nice enough to offer me and Mike (since we are both new to the game) any commons and uncommons we may want as they said they have more then enough. Which is cool. I need a big card box though.

Ahhh Cardboard Crack. Its kind of comforting really to know I have not only NOT forgotten what I am doing, but am learning the new stuff quickly. I ended up also grabbing 1 more booster of M10 and got another Serra Angle, and a few other R and W cards I like. I also got a Nightmare. Not sure how much that is worth if anything lol.

Getting back into Magic the Gathering

Now I know Mael of Warpainter is against this (he feels its a Black Hole, if you believe it) I have decided to start playing one of my oldest games again: Magic the Gathering. It was one of my first games if you will believe it, beyond video games. I started back when 4th Edition had just came out, and used to buy the magazines and play every week at a game store and the whole nine yards. I stopped playing about 8 years ago as I ran out of 2 things: Money and Time. I ended up losing my collection of cards as well (which was a pretty big one) and just never bothered playing again.

However, a few of my friends still play to this day, but with their older cards. I also was against the change that WotC did to the visual aspect of the cards, but I have grown to prefer the new way now. My biggest concern is actually getting back INTO the game. Last night I went ahead and spent the $10 bucks to try out MtG Online, and it was not bad. I played 4 games with a deck cobbled together by 2 boosters I bought online and the 500 or so cards the game gives you, and won twice. But it felt like it was missing something.

And then it hit me. I missed playing it WITH people, at a store. Going out on a friday or saturday night and playing it with people.

So I located a nearby store this morning (and I mean nearby, its like 10 minutes if that from my house, which is AWESOME) and a second store that is open even later, but is about 15 minutes away. They both have regular MtG nights and have hours where I can actually go and PLAY, which is awesome. Why can’t I have a Wargame store nearby like these? Who knows.

My biggest concern/confusion right now is where to begin. I have been out of the game for 8 years now, and so much has changed. New sets, new blocks, new rules, ect. I was looking at the Worldwake Intro Packs, which apparently come with a 41 card Preconstructed deck, a playmate, and a booster pack. I am gonna budget myself here, only $25 bucks to get started, which may get me 2 of those Intro packs. For those curious, here are the links: Rapid Fire (R/W) and Brute Force (G/R). I happen to like Red, Green, and White (in that order) when I play. I am gonna have to break out some of my DnD Dice for life of course.

So if I got those 2 intro packs, that would give me 82 cards, plus 30 cards in boosters. Thats a good start. Not sure about land though. That will be interesting. I will have plenty of Mountains I will tell ya that! hehe.

If you play MtG and have any suggestions for me let me know. I will say I am a casual player (in the sense that I just enjoy the game) so I tend not to care if I am top 8 and whatnot.

Oh and Mael? WARMACHINE IS A BLACK HOLE TOO YA KNOW?! Just saying ;)

Work in Progress – Unnamed Title

So, here is what I have written so far, for that new project using the characters I spoke about in the previous post. Might as well get started eh?

The caravan master called a halt, and declared it time for the afternoon break. A dark-haired man, one of the mercenaries hired to guard the caravan, walked over to the nearby cliff and looked down into the valley. There, nestled in the trees and straddling a river, sat the town of Pacea Valley. It was there that Merrick Del’Vino, once solider and now a mercenary had been born and raised. He smiled briefly. This would be his first time home in nearly twelve years. Another one of the guards, a sandy-haired youth who had been hired on at the last stop, walked over and stood next to Merrick.
“So that’s our destination sir?” He asked. Merrick nodded.
“How many times must I tell you Gareth, you can call me Merrick.”
The youth nodded. He had been travelling with the group for the last few days and when he had found himself in the presence of Merrcik, who was a national war hero due to his actions in the Border Wars, he had taken to calling the older man sir constantly, which bothered Merrick to no end.
“Sorry sir.” Merrick laughed.
“You know Gareth, that’s where I was born. Pasea Valley.” The youth nodded.
“What was it like?”
Merrick looked back down in the valley. “Its a peaceful town. I remember the day before I left, that Festival of Renewal, like it was yesterday.”


It was a lovely morning in the middle of spring, and the festival was in full swing. Every year, each town of the country of Talreya celebrated this Festival of Renewal. It was during this festival that everyone was considered to be one year older, and those who had turned fifteen years of age at this time were sent to their chosen professions. The festival was thus both a time to celebrate the end of another year, and the beginning of new lives for the children of the town. This year was no exception, as several members of the community were turning of age.

Merrick ran through the crowds, looking for his friends. He had told them to meet him at the magician but they had not been there. He assumed that they were probably checking out the competition nearby, where people sparred with wooden swords for a trophy. He was excited, and for a good reason! He had just been informed of his acceptance into the Talreyan military and would be leaving the next day for the city of Reinholdt, where the countries military center was located. The boys muscled legs pounded the ground as he ran helter skelter, shoving people around in his search. Several cries of “Oof!” and “Hey watch it!” were cried, but he heard none of them. However, much to his surprise he found his two friends, Julia and Gelven, in front of a candy stall.

“Hey Julia! Gelven! Guess what!” Merrick cried as he skidded to a halt.
Julia turned, brushing some of her blonde hair away from her face. “Sorry Merrick! Gelven wanted to get a caramel apple and we kinda forgot about meeting you.” She blushed slightly. Merrick panted, catching his breath.
“Yea, sorry Merrick.” Gelven said as he pushed his glasses up his nose. The dwarf took a bite of his apple and grinned. “These caramel apples are just too good to pass up you know!”
Merrick grinned. “Yea yea, you guys owe me one. Anyway, Guess what?!”
“What Merrick?” Julia said as she took a nibble of her apple.
“I got into the army! I got my acceptance letter today!”
“Ohhh I got some news too!” Gelven said. “I got accepted yesterday into the Academy of Engineering. I start in a few days.” Gelven said. He scratched at the stubble on his face. “I am kind of nervous about travelling though.”
Julia turned and started to walk, the two boys falling in behind her. “So Julia, did you get any word about the joining the Priesthood?” Merrick asked.
Julia nodded. “I am to report to Helveska tomorrow.” The two boys shared a glance. Helveska was home to the Inquisitor order, and not the High Temple. Only those specially selected were sent there.

The three youths walked in silence after that, until they came up to the tournament area. There, a young red-haired man stood in the ring with a wooden sword, bearing down on another young man. The red-haired one let out a yell and slammed the sword on his opponents, snapping it like a twig. He then kicked the youth in the chest and knocked him down. An older black-haired man walked into the ring and held up the red-haired youths hand. “The winner, and still undefeated, Jonathan Crow!”
Merrick scowled. Jonathan was the town bully, seventeen years old, and the apprentice to the town smith.

Welcome to the Pit!

Welcome to the Pit so to speak. I generally have witty remarks to say when opening a new endeavor, such as this, but today I just don’t. I am too brain dead from work today to really have anything. So lets just go over the point of this blog.

The point of it is to write. Well, that’s a very general thing isn’t it? Well, you see I have always wanted to write stories. To put words on paper to entertain people with. I can’t draw, so art was out and so were comics. I have no screen presence so that is out too. So I write. But in truth I haven’t done a whole lot of writing. I have written some fan fiction for World of Warcraft, which you can find in the menu up top (The Stompie Stories) and have written two short stories, of which one is here. The other is…just terrible. Lets leave it at that eh? I have a PDF Copy but not an actual copy and I don’t feel like reformatting it. If you really want to see it let me know and I can send it to you, but I cannot imagine why you would want to see it hehe.

So to start this party off, I am going to post the three main characters for the new story I am working on. Length of this story? No idea! I am going to just write till its done. Here are the three main characters for this yet unnamed story:

Merrick Del’Vino – Human mercenary. Used to be part of the military, made it to rank of staff sergeant. Is strong for a human, and amazingly resilient with nearly inhuman stamina. Black hair, green eyes. Several scars on his face and arms from combat. Favors a pair of battle axes for weapons, wears half plate in battle usually. Very serious and a bit sarcastic.

Julia Meyers – Half Elf Inquisitor. Works for the government (Theocratic). Inquisitors are the silent arm of the Council of 8, rooting out insurgents, terrorists, and supernatural threats. They workin secret, and are trained in the arts of stealth, interrogation, detective work, divine magic, and hand to hand combat. Was raised by her human parent (the mother) and has no idea who her father is. Is a blonde haired, blue eyed female. Athletic build. Warm and friendly.

Gelver Granitetop – Dwarf Journeyman Engineer. Engineers tap the latent energy of the world using machinery. Gelver is a shy, red haired dwarf who is very intelligent, and loves his machines. He is also a bit of a bookworm. Specializes in automata (robots). Cannot stand injustice.

The world is going to be what I call “MagiPunk” which is basically steampunk only with magical energy as a power source instead of steam. Also, mages will not exist, having evolved instead into Engineers. Priests will still tap divine energy. So there ya go, a bit of info to get started!

My New Writing Journal – “Insert Clever Title Here”

So I am posting this on the IABN even though it has nothing to do with Warmahordes. I figured I might as well get some exposure and perhaps some of you will share this interest with me along with the mutual Warmachine/Hordes interest. That interest is writing. I posted earlier today about my plans to start writing again. About 2 years ago I was very into writing fanfiction for World of Warcraft, mainly using me and other Player Characters and basically putting our adventures into print. We all were heavy Rpers. Before that, when I was a kid, I used to write too, and even was trying to write a book. I think my mom still has a printed copy of that horrible piece of writing hehe. I mean it was bad I can remember stuff I wrote about it and I just shudder.

Anyway, since the fanfiction I have written 2 actual short stories, which have barely seen the light of day. But I realize that one of the biggest passions I have is creative writing. I always am having dreams and ideas that would make AWESOME stories, but I never actually do it. I get…nervous. So, I am going to force myself to write. And thats where this new blog, “Insert Clever Title Here”, is gonna help me. That blog will hold all my current written works, and then I will posting progress on my endeavors in both writing and attempting to get published. I hope some of you will join me there. I am going to have all my Stompie Stories (the WoW Fanfiction) along with one of the Short Stories I have written to date.

I am pretty sure they will never be actually published. But hopefully some of you will be kind, read em, and give me some feedback.

I hope some of you will join me there. Also, if you are curious: The name of the blog describes one of my biggest problems and hangups – I cannot think of titles to save my blasted life. I can come up with plot, characters, ect. But a title? BAH!