Polls, Polls, Polls!

I was tempted to use Girls Girls Girls but I am sure I would get yelled at for false advertising. So, after some discussion with my wife, we have made an agreement. She got to spend, on Friday, as much as she wanted to get ready for a gathering of her friends. She bought a few things and spent quite a bit on drinks. The agreement however, was that whatever she spent on herself I could spend on myself.

Granted, I won’t be spending it all at once but I have a $200 budget for the year on Warmahordes stuff. So, I decided to just go ahead and get 1 Warlock, 1 Beast, and 1 Unit! But to make it MORE FUN, I am going to let YOU ALL Decide! Thats right, I am putting my future in your hands. Now before we get started let me say a few things: I prefer 35 point games firstly. That or lower, but once I have the following stuff I am sure I could do a decent 50 point list. Huzzah.

Second, I own the following:

Warlocks: pMadrak, Grim Angus, Calandra
Beasts: 2x Impalers, Axer, Mauler
Units: Champions (Full), Kriel Stone + Elder (Full)
Solos: Fell Caller, Chronicler, Horthol
Minions: Brun and Lug, Gobbers

So thats what I got to work with now. So, I am going to post my top choices for each item, why I chose them, and then let YOU ALL decide. There are gonna be 3 polls, and you can vote on each one. Simply vote for which you would like me to get, and if you want leave a comment explaining why.

First up, the Warlocks!

So why each? Well lets go into it.

Epic Doomshaper:
He is straight up a beast caster, and I do like my beasts. His feat is crazy, and his spell list is solid.
Primal Doomshaper: A denial caster, which interests me. His feat is crazy good, and his spells are interesting. But to be honest I have no idea how to use him.
Borka Kegslayer: Another “brick” caster who can also shift gears and go Alpha Strike crazy. Another Beatstick of a caster, but I do like my Madrak.

Next up, Units!

Fennblades: SPD 6, PS12, DEF12 / ARM 14, Vengence, Reach. These bastards are so freaking solid, and I can get a full unit for one price.
Runeshapers: They are Magic 7 now, and with their AOE and Tremor abilities they are sneaky bastards. They also cannot be knocked down.
Long Riders: I have Horthol, so these would not be a bad buy. I would only get a Min unit though (8 Points jeebus!)

Finally, the Beasts!

Mulg the Ancient: This guy is one of the main reasons I started trolls. He just looked so badass. Now in Mk2 he is a decent choice. Bit slow though, but when I thought about it he basically has 1 in more on a Threat Range then say a Mauler. However, his 12 point cost is crazy high.
Earthborn Dire Troll: A solid looking beast. With Pathfinder and the +2 SPD Buff for being in or near difficult terrain, he would be Grim Angus’s best friend. Also the ability to steal the POW of a weapon is dangerous. For example: Charge in Madrak (Pow 7 axe) and then the EBDT. If the EBDT is in melee range of Madrak you can actually steal the pow and suddenly the EBDT is hitting at PS19. Thats scary.
Dire Troll Blitzer: He basically can have anywhere from 3-5 attacks base per round, depending on what you roll on his gun. His animus is also nice for squishy casters (like the Doomshapers, or Grim).
Slag Troll: I keep hearing how awesome he is. He does seem solid against Warmachine, or non living enemies (HI CONSTRUCTS!)
Troll Bouncer: He appears a solid defensive/protector option. The ability to take a ranged attack for someone nearby gives him a solid use in a brick style list.

So there you all go. I am gonna let this run for a full 7 days, all the way until next week Saturday. Once that day has come (in the morning, probably around 10am EST) I am gonna tally the votes, and then either purchase them in a store or go online and get em. And then when its time to play Druid and WHB again this month I will USE the new stuff if possible!



2 thoughts on “Polls, Polls, Polls!

  1. Epic Doomshaper suits your existing interests as a player. He’s a bit squashy, though, and likes to be near the front, so a Bouncer to look after him would probably be handy. I threw the infantry vote because I’m tired of recommending Fennblades for everything, and because you’re sensible and considered minimum Long Riders the upper limit.


  2. Votes casted! What are your painting plans for these new guys? It’s easier to add to a force than paint one from scratch. Might be worth having the minimum standard of getting them undercoated before they are used in a battle.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the results.



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