The List Builders Challenge

I had this idea, and I just felt that I need to both share and challenge everyone with it. You see, one of the things I enjoy doing with Warmahordes is trying new things. New combinations, new units and such. I notice, however, that alot of people seem to use the same sort of things over and over again. Which is fine, we all have favorites (pMadrak and Grim for me) but sometimes I wonder if people keep playing the same things because they are comfortable with them and don’t want to change. And thus this idea was born.

Basically the challenge is as follows:

You pick a Warcaster/Warlock you have barely if ever used (for example, whichever Warlock wins my poll for me). You then build a 15 point Mangled Metal / Tooth and Claw list around this caster, and when you next play at your LGS / Vassal, you use that list at least once, if not more.

After you are done, you then add 10 more points to bring it up to 25, but here is the fun part. You cannot change ANY PART of your previous list. Example: I take Borka, Mauler, Axer, Impaler. Thats 15 points right there. I move to 25, I cannot REMOVE any of the beasts. I could add say Min Fennblades (6) and Min KSB + Elder (4) to bring myself up to 25.

Then, after you take that 25 and play it at the next game night, you then expand it again to bring it 35. Now here, you can max out a unit but you cannot REMOVE anything. If we took my same example I could max out the Fennblades or KSB, but I could not remove them.

Finally, after you play a few games with the 35 (lets say 2 nights for this one) you then go up to 50 if you can. Once again, you can only max out units or add more, you cannot remove. We will also say you can DOWNGRADE unit sizes as well (like if you took a Max Fennblade, but wanted to bring it back down you could)

I think this would do several things: Get your creative juices flowing and present a playing challenge as you have to build within confines. I will be doing this myself starting once my polls are done. Here are the polls again, so if you haven’t voted please do so.

So far, it appears that Borka, Fennblades, and the Earthborn Dire Troll are leading their respective polls. This should prove to be interesting! So, if you decide to take up the “List Builders Challenge” then I ask that you post about it on your blog, and along with it your first 15 point list. Lets say that we need to have a 15 point list by Monday of next week, a week from today. By then I will have my polls done, and I can post about what I will be doing.


2 thoughts on “The List Builders Challenge

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  2. I am up for this fifteen point malarkey IF, and it’s a big IF, Shiny’s stuff arrives so we can actually play some decent-sized games where he has a proper army list and not a jumble of Mercenaries under a Khador ‘caster. It’s a good idea and one that I’m likely to join in with later, even if I fall out of synch a bit.


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