The Polls: Update

For those curious, I got 3 more days before I close my “What to purchase next Polls.” Amazingly, there are clear winners in each poll, and they have stayed pretty much in the lead the whole time.

For Warlocks, the leader is Borka right now with a total of 52% of the vote. Thats a pretty solid lead. Behind him is eDoomshaper but I doubt he will catch up. For Unit its the Fennblades, and they have NEVER been in question. I guess people just love those guys. They currently hold 65% of the vote. The other two options are even. And finally for Warbeasts, the leader is the Earthborn Dire Troll with 50% of the vote. He actually came from behind Mulg at the start. He has stayed strong ever since, and I am happy as I do feel the need for a second heavy hehe.

Here are the polls again, for those who have not voted (and I encourage you to do so ;) hehe)

Something I did notice real quick: It appears that the Warlock poll has 1 more vote then the unit, and 2 more then the Beast. Looks like a few people forgot or chose not to vote for the other polls!

So, assuming I end up with Borka (and it seems likely right now) I need to start thinking about how to build a list with him for my “List Building Challenge”. I was thinking, at the 15 point level, of using Borka, 2 Impalers, and the EBDT. The idea is using the Impalers as ranged Knockdown via Mosh Pit, and the EBDT and Borka as the killers. Borka himself can do an AOE Knockdown while under the effects of Moshpit, and I can keep the EBDT Safe via Iron Flesh (or whatever its called :P)

Then I could expand that to 25 points by adding Min KSB + Elder (4 points) and Min Fennblades (6 points). Then, to go to 35 we could add Fell Caller (3), Chronicler (2), and then Max out the Fennblades (3 more) and the KSB (1 more). I know I don’t have Champions in these lists and that kinda makes me sad. Not sure where I could fit them in. Even a Min unit is 6 points! Any suggestions or thoughts thus far my friends?


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