The Polls are Closed, and we have our Winners!

At this point, after looking at the polls, I realized that keeping this going till tomorrow morning would serve no purpose. There are clear winners in each poll, and they have pretty much stayed that way the whole time. So, based on what YOU, the community at large have voted, here is what will be joining the Blackstone Kriel as of tonight (after I get paid and whatnot from work hehe)

Borka the Kegslayer will be my new Warlock, with a win of 54%! (37/68 votes)
The Fennblades will be my first 1 wound infantry unit with a win of 63% (42/67 votes)
And my new beast will be the Earthborn Dire Troll (Sorry Mulg!) with a win of 45% (30/66 votes)

I am also going to be picking up a Warstore Gamer backpack and 2 more foam trays just to give me some where to place all these minis. Now, one question that was asked by Owen of Far Far Away a back at the start of all this was my painting plans. Basically I am gonna do the same with these as I have done with my other stuff (although I think the stone on the EBDT will be Grey and not black for a change) although I am nervous about painting Borka and Keggy. The Pimp Collar terrifies me. If you have never seen Borka, here is the bad boy himself:

Borka Kegslayer, Pimp of Dhunia
Borka Kegslayer, Pimp of Dhunia

See? No idea how to do that collar. None, nada, zip, zero, zilch. I could if I wanted to make him REALLY Pimp is to make it Gold. Heh. Gold Fur. HILARIOUS!

Here for those who are curious are the Fennblades, and the Earthborn Dire Troll.

Imagine him with Purple Skin, and Gray Stone
These guys will cause all sorts of havoc!

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