Quick Little Update!

So I got my package yesterday from The War Store, it was packed very well and nothing was damaged. I am very happy with it as a matter of fact. I already put the Fennblades together and will be working on the EBDT (Earthborn Dire Troll for you NON Trollbloods) and Borka tonight. I am actually going to be doing a vlog (or Video Blog for those who are not used to the ways of the net) tonight with a more in depth discussion of my stuff, along with a review of Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2. I am going to start trying to do 1 vLog a week actually, as its a bit easier for me to manage those. Faster to make too for me.

I will still be doing text updates as well so don’t worry.

So yea, keep an eye out for tonight!


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