Beginning to Write Again: Getting Started

So I have decided once again to try my hand at writing, seriously this time. I have tried to write in the past, and have actually completed 2 short stories to my credit, although neither has been published and I am not sure if either are any good. I am afraid to submit them to a market, I admit: Not because of rejection but rather what KIND of rejection. Getting a form letter back would be fine. Getting something that absolutely tells me I shouldn’t bother writing and that my skills are horrible will crush me. I should toughen up, I know, if I am gonna try to do this, but its hard. I think I can handle it though (I know my skill suck!)

Now, previously when I have written, I have constrained myself to forms. ‘I will only write a short story, no more then 10k words’. Things like that. And I think those limits have, well, limited me. So this time, rather then worry about length, I will start by worrying about how much PER DAY I am writing. Perhaps a goal, like 500 words a day or something. I think I could manage that. I know that NaNoWriMO has the goal of 50k words in a single 30 day period (its NOvember, and its CRAZY) and while I have never really honestly competed, I think doing my own version will be rough enough.

I guess my want to write comes from my love of reading and telling stories. I love to play D&D for example, and 90% of the time I am the Dungeon Master (or Game Master). This means I must craft a story and plot and adventure for a party of adventurers, making everything from towns and NPCs to the locations and world. I have a world for example that I am in love with, and have been working on for a good couple of years now. I want to take that world and do SOMETHING with it though. I also love Steampunk and Magipunk (Magipunk is my own word of Magic driven machinary) and feel that these genre are underrepresented in todays marketplace. Furthermore, so is the Superhero fiction genre. Most of the Superhero stuff is all established DC and Marvel heroes. Not alot of new stuff out there. And yes, I own a copy of “Soon I will be Invincible”.

Writing on this blog has kept my love of writing alive. I don’t feel I am any master of the art, but at least I can get the job done. My grasp of grammer is…iffy at best. Then again, fiction writing I can claim anything as my writing “voice” so there ya go.

I have had a couple of ideas as far as “stories” or plots go. I have discussed one with a friend of mine, and it fits itself well to a short story. Its a super hero story using my own idea for Superheroes. Another one I am thinking about is High Fantasy story set in my own custom world (which is steampunk / magipunk) involving 3 friends who get back together after leaving home, and decide to try to make their own way in the world after they have learned their trades, and stumble upon something that was better left undisturbed.

Not sure which way to go to be honest. Or where to start. I think I should just start putting pen to paper so to speak (fingers to keyboard in my case, like I am now) and just start writing. I have the Prolouge of the second one, the friends, in my head already and I think that would be the best place to start. Now as for you all, what do you think a good goal would be? 500 words a day? 1000 words a day? Should I aim perhaps instead to have a First Draft ready by a specified date rather then a per day goal? What would you do in my situation?


4 thoughts on “Beginning to Write Again: Getting Started

    1. Thanks for the tips. I dig your blog as well. Gonna have to add it to my new Writers blog that I am making. Hopefully you will check it out when I am done posting it hehe.

      According to your site, you are an actual Author? Thats actually really cool!


      1. Yes, I’d like to check it out when you get it up and running. I’m not a published author in fact I don’t even have a completed manuscript. I’m just starting out like you and I am struggling with many of the same pitfalls. Writing and working in publishing has always a dream of mine. In the process of getting my degree and then a job in the industry I sort of let my focus on writing slip away from me.

        It’s so tough in the beginning. Developing consistent good habits. Developing your own process and accepting that after an extended break things might be a bit rusty. The insecurity is immense which is why support groups are so valuable!


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