Welcome to the Pit!

Welcome to the Pit so to speak. I generally have witty remarks to say when opening a new endeavor, such as this, but today I just don’t. I am too brain dead from work today to really have anything. So lets just go over the point of this blog.

The point of it is to write. Well, that’s a very general thing isn’t it? Well, you see I have always wanted to write stories. To put words on paper to entertain people with. I can’t draw, so art was out and so were comics. I have no screen presence so that is out too. So I write. But in truth I haven’t done a whole lot of writing. I have written some fan fiction for World of Warcraft, which you can find in the menu up top (The Stompie Stories) and have written two short stories, of which one is here. The other is…just terrible. Lets leave it at that eh? I have a PDF Copy but not an actual copy and I don’t feel like reformatting it. If you really want to see it let me know and I can send it to you, but I cannot imagine why you would want to see it hehe.

So to start this party off, I am going to post the three main characters for the new story I am working on. Length of this story? No idea! I am going to just write till its done. Here are the three main characters for this yet unnamed story:

Merrick Del’Vino – Human mercenary. Used to be part of the military, made it to rank of staff sergeant. Is strong for a human, and amazingly resilient with nearly inhuman stamina. Black hair, green eyes. Several scars on his face and arms from combat. Favors a pair of battle axes for weapons, wears half plate in battle usually. Very serious and a bit sarcastic.

Julia Meyers – Half Elf Inquisitor. Works for the government (Theocratic). Inquisitors are the silent arm of the Council of 8, rooting out insurgents, terrorists, and supernatural threats. They workin secret, and are trained in the arts of stealth, interrogation, detective work, divine magic, and hand to hand combat. Was raised by her human parent (the mother) and has no idea who her father is. Is a blonde haired, blue eyed female. Athletic build. Warm and friendly.

Gelver Granitetop – Dwarf Journeyman Engineer. Engineers tap the latent energy of the world using machinery. Gelver is a shy, red haired dwarf who is very intelligent, and loves his machines. He is also a bit of a bookworm. Specializes in automata (robots). Cannot stand injustice.

The world is going to be what I call “MagiPunk” which is basically steampunk only with magical energy as a power source instead of steam. Also, mages will not exist, having evolved instead into Engineers. Priests will still tap divine energy. So there ya go, a bit of info to get started!


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