Work in Progress – Unnamed Title

So, here is what I have written so far, for that new project using the characters I spoke about in the previous post. Might as well get started eh?

The caravan master called a halt, and declared it time for the afternoon break. A dark-haired man, one of the mercenaries hired to guard the caravan, walked over to the nearby cliff and looked down into the valley. There, nestled in the trees and straddling a river, sat the town of Pacea Valley. It was there that Merrick Del’Vino, once solider and now a mercenary had been born and raised. He smiled briefly. This would be his first time home in nearly twelve years. Another one of the guards, a sandy-haired youth who had been hired on at the last stop, walked over and stood next to Merrick.
“So that’s our destination sir?” He asked. Merrick nodded.
“How many times must I tell you Gareth, you can call me Merrick.”
The youth nodded. He had been travelling with the group for the last few days and when he had found himself in the presence of Merrcik, who was a national war hero due to his actions in the Border Wars, he had taken to calling the older man sir constantly, which bothered Merrick to no end.
“Sorry sir.” Merrick laughed.
“You know Gareth, that’s where I was born. Pasea Valley.” The youth nodded.
“What was it like?”
Merrick looked back down in the valley. “Its a peaceful town. I remember the day before I left, that Festival of Renewal, like it was yesterday.”


It was a lovely morning in the middle of spring, and the festival was in full swing. Every year, each town of the country of Talreya celebrated this Festival of Renewal. It was during this festival that everyone was considered to be one year older, and those who had turned fifteen years of age at this time were sent to their chosen professions. The festival was thus both a time to celebrate the end of another year, and the beginning of new lives for the children of the town. This year was no exception, as several members of the community were turning of age.

Merrick ran through the crowds, looking for his friends. He had told them to meet him at the magician but they had not been there. He assumed that they were probably checking out the competition nearby, where people sparred with wooden swords for a trophy. He was excited, and for a good reason! He had just been informed of his acceptance into the Talreyan military and would be leaving the next day for the city of Reinholdt, where the countries military center was located. The boys muscled legs pounded the ground as he ran helter skelter, shoving people around in his search. Several cries of “Oof!” and “Hey watch it!” were cried, but he heard none of them. However, much to his surprise he found his two friends, Julia and Gelven, in front of a candy stall.

“Hey Julia! Gelven! Guess what!” Merrick cried as he skidded to a halt.
Julia turned, brushing some of her blonde hair away from her face. “Sorry Merrick! Gelven wanted to get a caramel apple and we kinda forgot about meeting you.” She blushed slightly. Merrick panted, catching his breath.
“Yea, sorry Merrick.” Gelven said as he pushed his glasses up his nose. The dwarf took a bite of his apple and grinned. “These caramel apples are just too good to pass up you know!”
Merrick grinned. “Yea yea, you guys owe me one. Anyway, Guess what?!”
“What Merrick?” Julia said as she took a nibble of her apple.
“I got into the army! I got my acceptance letter today!”
“Ohhh I got some news too!” Gelven said. “I got accepted yesterday into the Academy of Engineering. I start in a few days.” Gelven said. He scratched at the stubble on his face. “I am kind of nervous about travelling though.”
Julia turned and started to walk, the two boys falling in behind her. “So Julia, did you get any word about the joining the Priesthood?” Merrick asked.
Julia nodded. “I am to report to Helveska tomorrow.” The two boys shared a glance. Helveska was home to the Inquisitor order, and not the High Temple. Only those specially selected were sent there.

The three youths walked in silence after that, until they came up to the tournament area. There, a young red-haired man stood in the ring with a wooden sword, bearing down on another young man. The red-haired one let out a yell and slammed the sword on his opponents, snapping it like a twig. He then kicked the youth in the chest and knocked him down. An older black-haired man walked into the ring and held up the red-haired youths hand. “The winner, and still undefeated, Jonathan Crow!”
Merrick scowled. Jonathan was the town bully, seventeen years old, and the apprentice to the town smith.


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