Getting back into Magic the Gathering

Now I know Mael of Warpainter is against this (he feels its a Black Hole, if you believe it) I have decided to start playing one of my oldest games again: Magic the Gathering. It was one of my first games if you will believe it, beyond video games. I started back when 4th Edition had just came out, and used to buy the magazines and play every week at a game store and the whole nine yards. I stopped playing about 8 years ago as I ran out of 2 things: Money and Time. I ended up losing my collection of cards as well (which was a pretty big one) and just never bothered playing again.

However, a few of my friends still play to this day, but with their older cards. I also was against the change that WotC did to the visual aspect of the cards, but I have grown to prefer the new way now. My biggest concern is actually getting back INTO the game. Last night I went ahead and spent the $10 bucks to try out MtG Online, and it was not bad. I played 4 games with a deck cobbled together by 2 boosters I bought online and the 500 or so cards the game gives you, and won twice. But it felt like it was missing something.

And then it hit me. I missed playing it WITH people, at a store. Going out on a friday or saturday night and playing it with people.

So I located a nearby store this morning (and I mean nearby, its like 10 minutes if that from my house, which is AWESOME) and a second store that is open even later, but is about 15 minutes away. They both have regular MtG nights and have hours where I can actually go and PLAY, which is awesome. Why can’t I have a Wargame store nearby like these? Who knows.

My biggest concern/confusion right now is where to begin. I have been out of the game for 8 years now, and so much has changed. New sets, new blocks, new rules, ect. I was looking at the Worldwake Intro Packs, which apparently come with a 41 card Preconstructed deck, a playmate, and a booster pack. I am gonna budget myself here, only $25 bucks to get started, which may get me 2 of those Intro packs. For those curious, here are the links: Rapid Fire (R/W) and Brute Force (G/R). I happen to like Red, Green, and White (in that order) when I play. I am gonna have to break out some of my DnD Dice for life of course.

So if I got those 2 intro packs, that would give me 82 cards, plus 30 cards in boosters. Thats a good start. Not sure about land though. That will be interesting. I will have plenty of Mountains I will tell ya that! hehe.

If you play MtG and have any suggestions for me let me know. I will say I am a casual player (in the sense that I just enjoy the game) so I tend not to care if I am top 8 and whatnot.

Oh and Mael? WARMACHINE IS A BLACK HOLE TOO YA KNOW?! Just saying ;)


4 thoughts on “Getting back into Magic the Gathering

  1. Bry

    MtG – Ah I remember the days.

    I’ve tried restarting a few times and ended up selling my cards a few times now but also I’m got most of my pre 4th Ed cards in a box somewhere in Florida trying to keep dry.

    The newer series all had some need new mechanics and tried to remove the awesome quick cards from the first couple editions of the game, like green’s easy mana producing mobs or reds 1 mana for 3 life cards.

    I personally always wanted to start a ‘pioneer MtG’ group and play out the idea of Lands as a controllable and navigable resource and movement of monsters and blocking and the rest.

    As that Magic could be viewed as a money sink- this is debatable. You can just wait for the cards you want / need and view the others or be creative like some of the other groups and keep a digital viewer of all the cards and write them out- but make sure you opponents agree to it prior.

    Heh right now I’m into Blood Bowl. It’s grabbed my interest in that it’s a smaller scale GW game – and has gone digital- and the rules are simple but complex enough to keep interesting.

    I’m glad to read you’re still playing games, Clay. Keep at it!


  2. I hate the collectible nature of these games. At least with Warmachine you know what’s in the blister when you buy it.

    How do you manage to juggle Warmachine, Magic, computer games, organising a wargames club and getting back into writing (and work and home life!)? Is your hobby actually collecting hobbies? :-)



    1. NOPE! My hobby is Gaming, in all its forms. I play DnD, Warmahordes, Videogames, Boardgames, and soon will be playing Magic the Gathering. I will admit MtG is not for everyone.

      Oh, and the writing? I do that when I get home from work for like an hour or so. Slow and steady you see.


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