Headfirst into the Abyss

So, last night after a rather…annoying day at work, I decided to go ahead and grab some MtG Cards and go play. A nearby store, called CoolStuffGames was having a boardgame night, but also apparently had a regular group come in to play Magic each week as well. So, I went over there. When I got there the place was PACKED with people. I got lucky to find a seat so I could crack open my packs (crack, hehe) and start building a deck. Now, I don’t remember exactly what was in this deck, but it was a RW Hodgepodge of stuff from the 2010 Intro Pack (We are Legion) and the Worldwake intro Pack (Rapid Fire) which both were RW packs, and the boosters that came with them.

Now, I expected to be ignored, however a guy who recognized me from nearly 8 years ago came over and started talking to me. Next thing I know these 7 or so people are trying to arrange it so I could get in a group game. I ended up playing against 3 guys named Mike, Chris, and Frankie. Mike played a RW Deck like me, and like me was new to the game (although I think he was REALLY new, unlike me), Chris was playing a Kor deck (all white, Kor creatures, so they buffed each other) and Frankie was playing some RBG deck with Terminates, Vampires, and Blightnings.

They knew I had just cobbled my deck together, but they were surprised at how well I was doing. So was I to be honest. I had a 5/5 Flyer who was Pro Red on the board, who gave me life for each red spell cast. It was hilarious. Mike had played a Mordent Dragon but couldn’t attack me because I could not only stop it, but kill it. The little guy was only that big cause of Armored Ascension, and would get bigger the more plains I played (sadly I only ever got 3 plains, despite 14 being in the deck! >.<)

The best thing I did was when I used a card called "Act of Treason" to steal Mike's Mordent Dragon and then send it at Frankie, who had a 2/3 Vamp out with Flying, Deathtouch, and Lifesteal (or whatever its called). I intended to get both threats off the board but Mike just cast Lightning Bolt on the Vamp, letting Frankie take 5. He didn't want to lose his Dragon. But everyone was amazed I pulled something like that out. So was I to be honest lol.

So overall I had alot of fun. And I will be going back, probably once a week to play. I am gonna start slowly, buying 2-3 boosters every payday to build up my collection. The guys I played against have a Forum and Podcast called Avant Card Show and I joined up. They were also nice enough to offer me and Mike (since we are both new to the game) any commons and uncommons we may want as they said they have more then enough. Which is cool. I need a big card box though.

Ahhh Cardboard Crack. Its kind of comforting really to know I have not only NOT forgotten what I am doing, but am learning the new stuff quickly. I ended up also grabbing 1 more booster of M10 and got another Serra Angle, and a few other R and W cards I like. I also got a Nightmare. Not sure how much that is worth if anything lol.


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