Improved RW Cobbler Deck – Holy Fire

I am calling it holy fire after what I did tonight. I drove down to a nearby Games shop that just recently appeared near my house. And I mean, like, 5 minutes away. Which is cool. So I went up there, spent $20 and bought 6 boosters. Now I wanted 3 M10 and 3 Worldwake, but I got 3 Zendikar instead. And Got a foil UW Dual Land (the one that comes into play tapped unless you have a Plains or Island in play), and a Lotus Cobra and a few other things.

So, seeing as how I really did not need them, I said goodbye and got more packs. And got a few more fun things! So in the end of my trading I ended up spending $20 and getting 13 Packs. 7 M10, 3 Worldwake, and 3 Zendikar.

Thanks to those, I was able to rebuild and make my RW Deck a bit better. Here is what I have now. I call it Holy Fire.

12 Plain
2 Sejiri Steepe
9 Mountain
1 Terramorphic Expanse

24 Lands

1 Darksteel Colossus
1 Skitter of Lizards
2 Goblin Bushwacker
1 Bladetusk Board
1 Mordant Dragon
3 Soul Warden
3 Serra Angel
3 Silvercoat Lion
1 Kor Firewalker
1 White Knight

17 Creatures

1 Honor the Pure
1 Ajani Goldmane
3 Armored Ascension
1 Journey to Nowhere
1 Solemn Offering
1 Act of Treason
1 Burning Inquiry
1 Punishing Fire
1 Burst Lightning
2 Lightning Bolt
2 Searing Blaze
1 Gorgan Flail
1 Dragon’s Claw
1 Hammer of Ruin
1 Expedition Map

19 Spells/Artifacts

The Darksteel Colossus is there just because I want to see what it can do. That and giving it Armored Ascension would be HILARIOUS.


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