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Deck Discussion – Whack-a-Mole

The SWARM! deck has been renamed Whack-a-Mole for now, as I have no idea what else to call it. After 4 games last night (2 I won, but not the way I had envisioned!) I have decided to really think about how the deck works, what changes need to be made, and how to make it even better.

First up, the actual decklist:

4 Steward of Valeron
4 Gilder Bairn
3 Order of Whiteclay
3 Jötun Owl Keeper
3 Spike Feeder
3 Spike Breeder
2 Twilight Drover

3 Paradise Mantle
3 Devouring Light
2 Beastmaster Ascension
3 Glare Of Subdual
2 Aura Shards
2 Luminarch Ascension

4 Llanowar Reborn
4 Graypelt Refuge
2 Krosan Verge
6 Plains
7 Forest

Simple enough right? The idea behind the deck (And I will admit I got the majority of this deck from a man named Sev over on the Avant Card Show Forums) is to generate counters, and tokens, and use those to kill your target. Now his original idea how Saporling Bursts and Sakura Tribe Elders (used to get the right lands) but I foolishly switched those out for the Luminarch Ascensions and the Stewards of Valloren. This caused my first problem.

Mana base.

See, in the 2 games I lost I got mana screwed. The first game I was working off of 2 lands only, and the second game (an Emperor game) I worked off of 3. So I need to fix my mana base a bit and give me more options. I got WAY too much green but at the same time I need a fair amount. A quandary if you will. Some other things about the lands: The Llanowar Reborns are nice, but at the same time they throw my curve off towards green (the Graft is sexy with the Bairns and the Feeders/Breeders), and the Krosen Verge never ever came up for use (and would have been expensive to say the least).

Also, I was informed that the Luminarch’s would put a huge target on my head, and I did find that to be true. However, at the same time, I found I could survive in general long enough to get the 4 counters needed to start the thing up. In fact, one of the 2 games I won was BECAUSE of the Luminarch. I got it online (with plenty of mana) made some blockers, and then after I got a few more Angels I attacked, activating the Beastmaster Ascension and doing 63 to my opponent. Next turn I took down his teammate with 81 points of Flying (made some more Angels)

The Devouring Lights, while nice, feel unneeded. In truth I only ever got to use one in one game, to prevent the death of an opponent (I wanted the two to keep killing each other!) I have enough control via massive token generation and the Glare of Subdual’s that I should not fear most enemies.

So after thinking about this, and the mana issue, I decided to do some changes. And I thank Christian of the AvantCardShow for pointing me in the right direction. The new deck (Still Unnamed) is as follows:

4 Selesnya Evangel
4 Gilder Bairn
3 Order of Whiteclay
3 Jötun Owl Keeper
3 Spike Feeder
3 Spike Breeder
2 Twilight Drover

3 Paradise Mantle
3 Selesnya Signet
2 Beastmaster Ascension
3 Glare Of Subdual
2 Aura Shards
2 Luminarch Ascension

2 Llanowar Reborn
2 Selesnya Sanctuary
4 Graypelt Refuge
2 Terramorphic Expanse
7 Plains
6 Forest

Changes and why:

Stewards of Valleron OUT, Selesnya Evangel IN – I found that if I cannot get the Bairn’s tapped, I have a problem in some cases (when I need em). The Evangel’s can tap a creature to generate a 1/1 token. Thus fitting the theme AND letting me tap the Bairn, setting up some counter doubling. The Stewards gave me once again too much green mana. Both have the same cost, so its a direct switch.

Devouring Light OUT, Selesnya Signet IN – Mana fixing plain and simple. I need the extra mana, and the lights are not useful compared to the extra mana.

2 Llanowar Reborn OUT, 2 Selesnya Sanctuary IN – Mana Fixing again. Its a bit slower and eventually I may replace the Sanctuary’s with the more expensive dual lands like the Shock Lands (Temple Garden) or the M10 lands (Sunpetal Grove) but for now it will due me.

2 Krosen Verge OUT, 2 Terramorphic Expanse IN – Why? The Expanse’s are easier to use, and don’t cost me mana to fetch things out.

Overall this deck is a solid Combo deck, with layers of interaction. IN fact the deck did things in both games I won that were NOT the intention, and yet I still won. So that proves that the deck is working, and with these changes will be even scarier.

Oh yea, and for those who are curious? I can generate 5 different tokens with this new version: Spirits (Fliers), Angels (Fliers), Birds (Fliers), Spikes, and Saporlings. Thats alot of different types.

I’m Blogggginnnnn Awaaaayyyyyy!

Yea, thats a freaking STYX reference, deal with it. So alot has been happening since my post detailing my sale of my Trolls and whatnot (which are still available by the way!) and I wanted to talk about it. I am gonna actually do a breakdown of the various subjects, and we shall go from there.

First up, Music News:

I went on Friday night to see my friend Ed’s band OXEN for their first live performance (although Ed himself has performed in other bands live for like 14 years), and I was very happy with it. I actually enjoyed his particular style of music, very smooth and mellow, and calming. But with enough rock to make it pop out and be memorable. I actually want copies of the songs I heard to be honest. I also recorded the entire show with my shitty Nikon camera, but after Ed saw it he asked that I not put it out on the web, so I am respecting his wishes. I don’t mind to be honest, the audio on my camera is horrible.

But I will keep you all updated as he progresses in his little endevour. Its good stuff.

Dungeons and Dragons News:

Oh man this is fun stuff to talk about. First up, I joined a Online DND 4th Ed Game with some people from The Spoony Experiment forums, using Skype and MapTools to play. We have done 2 sessions thus far and I have had a blast. The group had been adventuring for a while, so I got to start at 6, and am 7 now (Our DM is accelerating the XP until Paragon) and I am playing an Artifcer. Its a blast. But specifically, I gotta talk about something our party did.

We are invading a Cult of Tiamats base, which is housed in this huge mansion. We freed some slaves, and they told us that Werewolves were in the kitchen. Yea, thats just silly. So we hit the Kitchen next and run into a Chef, Werewolf, and Wearboar. The Chef of all things turned out to be an Excellent Chef, along with an Elite Fighter. He attempted to throw me into a huge pot of water, using an oiled table as a slide. It was pretty awesome. We ended up however throwing him AND the Werewolf into that pot, slammed the lid down, and had our Halfing sit on the lid to keep it closed. They gave up and lived.

We then found out that in the next room were the animal cages, where a gnome kept the sacraficial animals. Our recently joined Druid, who had been captured, was all hot and wanted to rush in and kill em, but we ended up divising an AWESOME Plan. We had me and the halfing hide under a serving cart, and the druid change into a Boar and take an apple in his mouth. We then had the rest of the party sit in the huge cauldron, and with the Chefs help (via Intimidate checks made by our Paladin) we snuck in and bull rushed the gnome. I personally leapt out from under the cart, ran to the switch we had seen on the wall, jumping over the gnome while I yelled in character “BOO MOTHERFUCKER!”. The DM said that after our assualt, which took 1 round and we won, the gnome shit his pants.

The DM was not amused that we “ruined” his encounter, but I pointed out that we simply solved it via a creative means. Oh, and we fed the Gnome to an Ogre he had in a cage, because the bastard gnome was doing all this torture and crap for fun.

Yea, that game is gonna be awesome. After we finish I may end up running a game for these guys, so our DM can play.

Magic the Gathering News:

Still expanding my collection, and with some suggestions I think my GW Token/Counter deck is gonna be even crazier then before.

Video Gaming News:

So I played FF13 for about 20 hours. I got sick of the game. Seriously. I don’t like how the made everything even MORE Complicate and convoluted. When I got to a section of the game that felt like I was fighting Miniboss fight after Miniboss fight after Miniboss fight, followed by a RETARDED Boss (and this caused me to get so angry I snapped at my wife) I realized the game was no longer fun. This was even more pronounced when I had to fight Sahz’s Eidolon and had a crazy ridiculous fight against THAT. When I found out that the bosses later are even WORSE, I just stopped playing.

However, I did pick up Tales of Legendia for the Ps2 for $8 on Sunday, and I am very happy with it so far. Its a tried and true RPG with goofy cutesy stuff going on, but the main character is, for a change, not a swordsman (he punches people) and the combat is just like other “Tales of” games, only on a 2d plane which I do not mind at all. I happen to like that style of combat as I feel like I have more control. FF13 tried to “fake it” by having your characters run around, but the enemies could dodge your attacks while you could not dodge theirs. Stupid if you ask me.

So there is a huge update for you guys! I also wanted to ask this question of you all and you can just leave your answers in the comments:

What are your Top 5 Ps2 RPG’s that you think any gamer SHOULD own. PS2 SPECIFICALLY.

Swarm (GW) Multiplayer Deck

I devised with some help a new version of my old “Big Bird” deck, which was RWG and used Rith, the Awakener and a Verdant Force to generate huge amounts of tokens. Well that deck to rebuild would be expensive… so I talked to one of the guys I play with now, named Christian, and came up with the following, which is GW Only.

2 Living Hive
2 Verdant Force
2 Elvish Piper
4 Guardian of Vitu-Ghazi
4 Marisi’s Twinclaws
3 Naya Hushblade
3 Bant Sureblade

2 Congregate
2 Aura Shards
2 Might of Oaks
3 Beastmaster’s Ascension
2 Overrun
3 Spidersilk Armor
2 Selesnya Signet

4 Graypelt Refuge
12 Forest
6 Plains

Whats the point? Well the Beastmaster’s Ascension is one of the “win conditions” along with Overrun. Beastmaster’s Ascension will gives all my critters +5/+5 once I have had at least 5 creatures attack. Thats PER Enchantment. And I got 3 of em in there.

The Hives and the Verdant Forces which are not legendary will generate the tokens I need to throw away FOR the Ascensions. The Might of Oaks will make SURE that the Hive can hit people, and the Spidersilk Armor gives me the ability to block fliers without actually needing any fliers of my own, and gives me a bit more toughness.

The best part though? This whole deck to build would cost me $22. Thats it. Now, if I wanted to REALLY make it dangerous I would replace the Overrun’s with Garruk Wildspeakers but he is an $8 card. hehe.

Selling the Trollbloods

So I am gonna post here for you all. I am getting rid of the Trollbloods, and getting out of Warmahordes. There are 2 reasons: Financial, and the bigger reason of the game being not so much fun anymore. I havent played since January, and truth be told my interest has finally waned, as I expected it would. You may say “No don’t sell em” but I could use the money for other things (like bills, saving to buy a house, ect) and really I just don’t have the time to devot to this hobby anymore.

So, here is the deal:

This is a “Lot Purchase” roughly 65% off MSRP. You get the following in the lot:


Champions (Full)
Fennblades (Full)
Kriel Stone Bearer
2 Extra Bearers (Full Unit of KSB)
Stone Scribe Elder
Swamp Gobbers
Brun and Lug

Fell Caller

Earthborn Dire Troll
Dire Troll Mauler

Sabol Army Case + Foam

Now everything in this army but Borka, the EBDT, and the Fennblades has either been painted or Primed in Black.

The total cost of this Army at MSRP (Suggested Retail) is $512.82. I am looking to sell it for $180 plus shipping and handling, which would be via UPS most likely or FedEx (whichever is easier for you).

This is a deal, and if you were looking to start Trolls, you do have a solid core here.

If you guys have any questions or are interested you can post em on my BarterTown thread:

So that way I can keep the Trades there.

Reports of my Death are Greatly Exaggerated!

Yes, yes they are. I know I have not blogged much lately, but I have been busy with some more fun medical issues in regards to my wife. I also have been a bit more busy socially with my Magic the Gathering playing, including playing in a few booster drafts last week (lost in the Round 1 but had a blast otherwise!)

I also have rented FF13 (dear god help me) and I am going to do a 10 hour review on that game. Right now, 4 hours in, its actually ALOT of fun. Much better then 12 was. Ugh FF12…it never happened I SWEAR IT. My only issue with 13 is a pair of characters: Hope and Vanille. Those 2 can DIAF.

I hope to be more active in the coming weeks, but I give no promises. I was going to do a Lets Play of a game, but for some reason FRAPS plus that game are causing all sorts of wierd issues. Go figure eh? Maybe I should try using the native video recording abilities in the software and just record my audio seperate. It worked before.

Some of my fellow Warmahordes bloggers might have been wondering where I disappeared to, but I doubt it hehe.

Anyway, I am still alive and still working on stuff. So hopefully you all will see it soon! :D